TRAIL 2017 – 13th year

TRAIL 2017 – 13th year

23rd July - 2nd September
Click above for images from the 2016 Sculpture Trail in Teignmouth

TAAG presents

TAAG presents





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TAAG Future – important message

LDO Leaflet after

Some quotes collected at TAAG on consultation day:-

TAAG is an opportunity to develop artistic practise and a brilliant social hub.

It provides opportunities for cross fertilisation and new contacts
It is a beautiful space, visitors compliment us on our weekly exhibitions.
It is a centre for exchange, sharing ideas and avoids isolation.
The support I have received through the TAAG community has, quite simply meant I can succeed as an artist.
You must promote the arts or a town has no heart.
You will never know what you have lost ‘till it’s gone.
TAAG has created an oasis for the arts. The good will generated by its friendly atmosphere and numerous fascinating events which are open to all is priceless.
TAAG is a Teignmouth treasure that is no longer hidden.
It gives me so much pleasure to see the work here, it is a lovely facility.
TAAG must and will be here in the future what ever happens.
TAAG has made a big difference to Teignmouth.
I moved here in 2009 ,TAAG is the heart of the community.
We are all made to feel very welcome.
You can come here at any time, any day to a warm welcome.
TAAG is vital to the community, it must not go.
I grew up here and then came back, over the last few years TAAG has become the life force of our town.
TAAG is the rebirth of aspirational young professional families, people choose to live here because of TAAG.
Teignmouth would  not attract businesses like Waitrose if it was not a vibrant community – a lot is due to TAAG.
I am appalled that TAAG may go.
TAAG have proven itself to be the biggest community draw in Teignmouth.
TAAG is one of the reasons I moved here.
TAAG brings me into town.
Without TAAG Teignmouth looses its focus.
It is an essential part of the community.
This place needs to stay, look at all the love and commitment that has gone into building it.
It means a lot to so many people, it must stay.
This community centre is so valuable to young and old.
As a visitor TAAG is a place that brings me back to Teignmouth. There is always something different to see.
If I was ever to move this would be the place.
TAAG is the community, it shows talents of all kinds.
TAAG is a service to our community.
If they redevelop this area just commercially they loose the community.
TAAG is fundamental to Teignmouth.
TAAG is the heart of the artistic community.
I have seen how the arts and community have developed in Teignmouth, it all centres round TAAG.
TAAG promotes vital connections for artists.
It is a major community asset with 30.000 visitors a year.
Where’s the new arts centre going to be?
It is used so much, it is part of our community.
It would be a disaster for the whole community if TAAG went.
TAAG has a growing reputation don’t kill it.
TAAG needs to be incorporated into any development scheme.
The reason I moved here is because of TAAG. It is the essence of the community.
Artists from beginners to professional use this place.
It is the life and soul of Teignmouth.
The arts need to be protected where ever they are.
People come from all over the place to visit TAAG, it is a huge success.
TAAG is a place of free expression, inspiration, communication, the common ground where poetry, visual art,
music and  learning collide in a glorious mix of creative spirit.

Dear supporter of TAAG

Our Arts and Community Centre in Northumberland Place Teignmouth has for the past 5 plus years provided a centre for local artists, workshops and community activities.

As you are aware we have done this in a building that all our volunteers have spent considerable time and resource in improving and maintaining.

Teignbridge District Council are currently consulting on a Local Development Order with a view to redeveloping the Brunswick Street area including part of the building currently occupied by TAAG.

The Local Development Consultation for Brunswick Street started on 4th September and continues until 16th October. Public can see plans at Methodist Hall on 30th September 2-8pm.

The TAAG Centre is not protected in this development and we are concerned that this could lead to the redevelopment of the building and subsequent closure of TAAG which we feel will lose a very valuable resource used by so many people.

Please read what has been written then look at the images they have used – these are outdated and do not reflect what we have all done to improve the building. We have pointed this out to Teignbridge and sent up to date photos which they appear to be ignoring thus showing non-representational picture to residents.

You can check out this information at TAAG any day between 10am and 5pm and we hope that you will then be able to support our request for a new 25 year lease which will enable us to develop the building and provide an even better arts and community service in the future.

The best way to show your support is to go to the Teignbridge Council website at

Then click on the Start Survey button

TAAG fully supports The Brunswick Street Development but not the loss of the Arts and Community Centre in the process and hope that you agree with us and are willing to tell Teignbridge this in the survey.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Liz, Roger, Julia 


LDO = Local Development Order – 

is a simple tool to allow a Local Planning Authority to introduce new permitted development rights. They are flexible and consistent with local determination, and are part of a move to remove bureaucracy and redefine the issues where planning really makes a contribution to the local area. 

TAAG Guidance Notes for LDO survey

Please read these notes and use them when answering the Teignbridge District Council survey

Question 1 – Personal details –


Q2a – 1.2 states LDO’s are decided locally – TAAG has very strong, local following that is not evident in LDO doc.

Q2b – Brunswick Street site

From page 3 Description of Area and development considerations. Note TAAG is not mentioned in description but:

The former garage premises in the northern section provide a frontage to Brunswick Street and also a secondary retail frontage to Northumberland Place

Development considerations

2.5 The Council and its partners have assembled comprehensive site information for the Brunswick Street site in order to provide developers with a

detailed understanding of the site and to assist them in devising their proposals.

Statement of reason


Q2c – Page 6 (3.1) – This should mention Teignmouth Arts and Community Centre (TAAG ) as it is existing and already responsible for regeneration of the area


Q2d – Local Development Order page

Pages7-9 Lists types of development – See below question Q2f LDO Site Boundary (Schedule 1) See page 6 of report – includes TAAG and shops on

Northumberland place up to George Street

Q2e – Page 10

Swanson’s garage site consists of two areas. Derelict site on Brunswick Street (Swanson’s Garage workshops) constructed of rotting timber and corrugated

iron suitable for demolition and TAAG (formerly Swanson’s garage showrooms), which is conventionally built in a conservation area and suitable for renovation.

The site plan is deceptive as it looks like a through site. The boundary wall for TAAG should be included as for other buildings. Pages in the Contamination and

Geotechnical report, which will be read by people not familiar with the site, uses images from more than 6 years ago that are not truly representing the current

condition of TAAG. 


Q2f –  Description of development permitted (Schedule 2)

Page 7-9 

4.4 TAAG is existing and does not need a change of use

4.12  CIL  – explanation

  • A mechanism for developer contributions to the community 
  • To contribute towards infrastructure needed to support the   development of the area
  • A charge per square metre of floorspace
  • Not mandatory

CIL will be administered on some types of development and should be used to support TAAG

Q2 g –  Prior information and requirements (Schedule 3)

Page 13 – Table information

There is no specific detail provided for the development of the TAAG site so, at the moment, it can be developed within the LDO guidelines which means it is

made available to developers. This is not particularly clear visually as the TAAG site is not included in the 3d plans in the Design Guidance Doc. This document

can also be found at    TAAG is included in the LDO planning but is not specifically named. There was positive

discussion and support for TAAGs’ inclusion at the last meeting of the Working Group, but the minutes of that meeting have not yet been published so the

comments remain unseen.  This means a developer can decide on the future of the TAAG site without local guidance. Our view is that TAAG should be left out

of the LDO boundary or have protected status as it is a proven asset to the community and part of the ‘Riverbeach Arts Quarter’ initiative.


Conditions (Schedule 4)

See diagram and notes page 14

Q2h – page 14

TAAG site is already existing so doesn’t have to fulfil some of the conditions applied to the Brunswick Street part which is a new build e.g. Environment

Agency Conditions


Q2j – Do you have any general comments on the Brunswick Street LDO and Statement of Reasons?


There is no mention of TAAG being protected in the future development of Brunswick Street LDO. TAAG, inspite of its 7 years of support for the Pavilions

Development (Old Carlton Theatre), has been designed out and will not be re-housed in the new build. Consequently TAAG will be homeless if not

protected in the LDO document. Developers have to be told that TAAG is protected. Developers should not be given the power to decide if TAAG has a



Q3 – Do you have any comments on the Brunswick Street Site Capacity, Feasibility & Design Guidance?

Yes. No future plans described for TAAG site within this document which suggests it was an afterthought to include it within the boundary of the LDO.

Also no detail for alternative use discussed at working group as general opinion is that TAAG should be protected. 

Only positive reference to TAAG in the documents can be found in the Design Guidance Doc. Page 40 which says;


‘Proposed land uses which complement the mix of food and drink and cultural/leisure based uses centred

around the Teignmouth Art Action Group in the northern part of Northumberland Place will be encouraged.’


Plan A







PLAN A – Area currently used by TAAG












Plan B





PLAN B – Proposed area for TAAG – reduced footprint but over three floors













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