Two young Italian Ladies in England - Sunday in Bath

Yesterday we went to Bath by train, famous for its beautiful architecture and history ( ).

We walked along Kennet and Avon Canal ( ), it seemed like a jungle.

After this “long” walk we had a packed lunch. Here there are a lot of museums, but we visited the Holburne Museum ( ).

Two young Italian Ladies in England - Saturday in Plymouth

Last saturday we went to Plymouth with the others students. We took the bus from Dawlish and we changed at Newton Abbot, then we arrived in Plymouth at 11:30 am.

At the beginning we visited the centre of the city where there are a lot of shops and stalls. There were a lot of people and street performers.

Then we had our packed lunch sitting on the lawn near Plymouth Hoe. 

Two young Italian Ladies in England - Painting with Angie

Yesterday wehad a workshop with Angie. The main things were recreating some images on paper with pastels. We decided to recreate the sea near a lighthouse.

It was so interesting because you need to create your own colours by mixing them together.

Angie is so funny and kind to us and the others students. In the previous workshop we used the same materials, but other subject matter like eyes and the beach.

We blended blue colours like midnight blue, turquoise, sky blue and persian blue.

Two young Italian Ladies in England - Dartmoor on top

On the 25th of September,  Liz took us on a long trip to Dartmoor. We climbed a very high rock, called Hay Tor. A Tor is a granite outcrop of rock. From there we could see an incredibile panorama andTeignmounth in the distance. Liz showed us Dartmoor Prison, a dark building in a small town in the middle of nowhere (Princetown). During the trip we saw a lot of cows, sheep, horses and ponies grazing freely. The sight took you breath away.

Two young Italian Ladies in England - Printmaking with Sarah


Today we went to a printmaking workshop with Sarah and the other “students”. There are a lot of different types of printmaking because every student has their own ideas, so itwas very interesting. Sarah is a kind person, who always helps you when you need some suggestions. One of the “students” is Mei Lim and she has an open studio with Sarah and two other ladies: Sue Williamson and Joanie Johns. We visited her studio on a previous day.

Printmaking is easier to do than to explain.

If you want to know more, click the link :

Two young Italian Ladies in England

Hi everybody,

We want to talk about a beautiful day in Paignton. Our tutor Liz took us to Peter and Vera’s house with an amazing garden where they explained how to make raku sculptures with clay and ceramic.


At the beginning they showed us their vast garden composed of flowers of all colours and many types of herbs. Vera showed us the storage-room where there are the materials useful for making sculptures (for example: clay and glazes). When the sculptures are ready they put them into the kiln at 1000 degrees for 30 minutes. Then to cool them they put the sculptures into the sawdust to make them black. At the end, as is typical in England, we had a cup of tea accompanied by bread pudding and raspberry tart.

If you want to know more about Raku: