For the past eight years TAAG directors have been pressing Teignbridge District Council for the provision of a long term lease for the Arts and Community building that we currently occupy, so that we can refurbish the premises and extend the facilities that we provide for the local community.

The Council, however, has chosen to include the TAAG building in the Brunswick LDO regeneration and has rejected our bid to purchase the building. We believe that by marketing the property as part of a blanket Brunswick Street redevelopment many people will not appreciate that a sizeable part of Northumberland Place is threatened, and that there is the likelihood of demolition of buildings facing onto the street on that side. This would cause enormous damage to the Arts Quarter, which TAAG has played such a key role in developing, and businesses in that area.

If the TAAG building is not essential to the Brunswick development, then our purchase of the property would allow the Northumberland Place building to be preserved, and refurbished, and would allow us to provide art and community facilities complementary to a proposed NHS complex on the Brunswick side of the site. This would also go a long way towards restoring faith that TDC listens to local opinions, particularly when an organisation such as TAAG has such strong local support and a track record of regeneration and community engagement.

Here are just a few quotes of things said by TAAG supporters on consultation day:

“TAAG is an opportunity to develop artistic practise and a brilliant social hub.

It provides opportunities for cross fertilisation and new contacts

It is a beautiful space, visitors compliment us on our weekly exhibitions.

It is a centre for exchange, sharing ideas and avoids isolation.

The support I have received through the TAAG community has, quite simply meant I can succeed as an artist.

You must promote the arts or a town has no heart.

You will never know what you have lost ‘till it’s gone.

TAAG has created an oasis for the arts. The good will generated by its friendly atmosphere and numerous fascinating events which are open to all is priceless.

TAAG is a Teignmouth treasure that is no longer hidden.

It gives me so much pleasure to see the work here, it is a lovely facility.

TAAG must and will be here in the future what ever happens.

TAAG has made a big difference to Teignmouth.

I moved here in 2009, TAAG is the heart of the community.

We are all made to feel very welcome.

You can come here at any time, any day to a warm welcome.

TAAG is vital to the community, it must not go.

I grew up here and then came back, over the last few years TAAG has become the life force of our town.

TAAG is the rebirth of aspirational young professional families, people choose to live here because of TAAG.

Teignmouth wouldnot attract businesses like Waitrose if it was not a vibrant community – a lot is due to TAAG.

I am appalled that TAAG may go.

TAAG have proven itself to be the biggest community draw in Teignmouth.

TAAG is one of the reasons I moved here.

TAAG brings me into town.

Without TAAG Teignmouth looses its focus.

It is an essential part of the community.

This place needs to stay, look at all the love and commitment that has gone into building it.

It means a lot to so many people, it must stay.

This community centre is so valuable to young and old.

As a visitor TAAG is a place that brings me back to Teignmouth. There is always something different to see.

If I was ever to move this would be the place.

TAAG is the community, it shows talents of all kinds.

TAAG is a service to our community.

If they redevelop this area just commercially they loose the community.

TAAG is fundamental to Teignmouth.

TAAG is the heart of the artistic community.

I have seen how the arts and community have developed in Teignmouth, it all centres round TAAG.

TAAG promotes vital connections for artists.

It is a major community asset with 30.000 visitors a year.

Where’s the new arts centre going to be?

It is used so much, it is part of our community.

It would be a disaster for the whole community if TAAG went.

TAAG has a growing reputation don’t kill it.

TAAG needs to be incorporated into any development scheme.

The reason I moved here is because of TAAG. It is the essence of the community.

Artists from beginners to professional use this place.

It is the life and soul of Teignmouth.

The arts need to be protected where ever they are.

People come from all over the place to visit TAAG, it is a huge success.

TAAG is a place of free expression, inspiration, communication, the common ground where poetry, visual art,
music and  learning collide in a glorious mix of creative spirit.”