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The Fusion Art exhibition at Teignmouth TAAG (from Sat 14th of July till 20th) marks the return of the five artists coming back with new ideas and two more names added to the list in to present a shared vision in various forms of individual expressions.

The common theme for all artists is exploration of the human condition, bringing to public the elements of being, the exploration of the unknown and attempting to translate what's not yet fully imaginable.

 This year's line up includes:

 Kerry Broom-head Brown, a British painter and a sculptor residing in Netherlands where she works in the Transformatie studio in Arnham and exhibits in her own gallery ''Forrest Edge Gallery'' in De Steeg. Kerry has travelled extensively with her artwork in Italy and the UK. Not limiting herself to any one style it can be likened to a stream of consciousness, where imagination is the only limit, with the flow of the creative force taking control, rather than trying to conform to a form is about pushing it and expressing what's close to the experience.

 Rosy Tydeman you may know as the lovely owner of The Glorious Art House where a lot of her handiwork is displayed. With the arsenal of big clocks, delicate smiling dolls, Rosy attempts to remind us of the small little treasures we are surrounded by if we only force ourselves to find time to stop and look.  

 Angie Joy Jenner is an illustrator with the body of work including charcoal, chalk pastel, acrylic, and monochord pieces portraying the process of being human, using the art to record experiences of events and the universality of those experiences to understand ourselves a bit bitter and through that have a positive impact on the world.

Jirka Ptacek, a Czech born painter, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, after holding exhibitions throughout the Czech Republic and Germany, Jirka has found a new source of inspiration in the raw beauty of South Devon, and working in various styles and themes using art to  reflect the world around us: from urban landscapes consumed by shadows to awe inspiring inhuman beauty of the sea, they are there to allow the viewer the escape from the stresses and turmoil of the day to day world.

 Chris Ress – a sculptor and painter with a playful and unstructured approach to his work, bringing out something out of the chaos and mess which he unashamedly enjoys making, often utilising whatever materials are available at the time, varying from metal to wood.

Marcus – a new addition to the group. Marcus trained as a graphic artist, photographer, fine artist and a Holistic therapist– all of which impact each of the pieces and are essential in their creation, and where inspiration can be found aside from the influence of otherworldly and spiritual side of our lives.

 Lastly they are joined by Andrew May, a poet and a writer. Andrew works in collaboration with Marcus to bring out written word in new, unusual, interactive forms which explore emotional themes, focus on the understanding of oneself or at least acceptance and taking on responsibility for ones existence. Maybe then, when we work through denial, accepting our capabilities, good and bad we can lift ourselves up, and if we are honest and strong enough we'll be a rock for others to lean on.

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Inspired Images
to Jul 27

Inspired Images

Artists taking part are

Keith Bowcock; Mike Wall; Rob Parrish; Jan White; Andy Tapper
Nicky Noble; Chris Pitman; Emma Stanley-Clarke; Avenda Burnell-Walsh

inspired images poster 18.jpg

Keith Bowcock

Keith Bowcock of the Teignmouth Art Society entered a competition in the magazine International Artist in the subject “ Seascapes ,Rivers and Lakes “ , open to all subscribers from every continent . His reward was to be notified that first he had been shortlisted for consideration and subsequently later advised that he had become a top ten prize winner !

His oil painting “ The Thrill Seekers “ depicts 2 mountaineers scaling towering cliffs above a surging Atlantic sea on the South West`s coastline .

Keith says  ... “ I was thrilled to be informed that I would be given a full page coverage in the February 2018 Magazine .I never dreamt that I would ever achieve something like this and I would strongly recommend some of our excellent local artists to have a go themselves – you just never know ! “

Jan White

A career in education preceded the opportunity to indulge in her passion for exploring the British Coast, recording detail of findings, forming the inspiration and vision for watercolour paintings. Travelling nationally, exploring and absorbing individual elements of the landscape, sketching to verify, using pencil, pen and ink, watercolour and photography for later use (provided by an enthusiastic husband’s expertise!) to deliver an everlasting memory of the many stunning and vibrant wildlife and surroundings.

Jan is self-taught and her Paintings and Limited Edition Giclee Prints are often recognised by the continued flow of her artwork on to the mount, which she creates by hand embellishment, ensuring a unique and totally individual piece of art.  

In 2016 Jan won Best Watercolour Painting at NAAG Art exhibition and last year was been awarded the June Urban Memorial Cup at the Torbay Guild of Artists 50th Exhibition for Best Watercolour Painting. She was also delighted that year to exhibit in the Biennale internationale des arts et de la culture in Perros Guirec, France.

A number of workshops in the West Country have contributed to her development and she continues to soak up knowledge and skills from other artists sharing the same passion

Living the dream!

Nicky Noble

Since graduating from Plymouth College of Art in 2017 with a BA (Hons) Contemporary Crafts degree specialising in ceramics, my work is still evolving and refining. Nature is my constant inspiration, especially the landscape, hedgerows, cliffs and beaches near to the River Teign where I regularly walk and explore.

I work mainly with layered, rolled and pinched porcelain and porcelain paper clay forms, enhanced with a variety of oxides which I am able to once fire. More recently I have been experimenting with coloured slips, underglazes and making and testing high fired glazes, as well as other clay bodies. I am constantly excited by and drawn to what many perceive to be nature’s imperfections and try to communicate my own vision of perfection and beauty in form, surface texture and decoration.

I am enjoying the experience of being a free practitioner, investigating new ideas, techniques and learning new skills, and aim to expand my practice to include other methods of hand-building, as well as thrown work. I am looking forward to seeing where this takes me.

To see more examples of what I have been doing, have a look at my Facebook page at or on Instagram at or for further information, email me on at


Emma Stanley-Clarke

 I started painting 10 years ago after a Career in Ballet which taught me self motivation & to strive for perfection.

It is important to me to provide visual detail & accuracy of the initial subject. ( not everyone’s cup of tea!)

This sense of order acts as a shield against the  unpredictability & lurking caos of the outside world.

 I won the SWAC People’s Choice Award 2017 With my painting of Haytor Quarry  

It’s a pity artists can’t let the work Speak for itself!!!

Rob Parrish

Rob Parrish is intrigued by colour and his head bursts with ideas...and seeking looseness and imagination to paint more abstractly. After years of using pastels he is coming round to acrylics to enablehime to achieve those objectives.

Clare Jenkinson

Avenda Burnell-Walsh

Avenda believes in a free form of expression. Her series of paintings called ‘The corsets are off… and they are not going back on’ is a reference to the suffragette cause.  Her portraits free the real sitters of Holbein, Vermeer and Klimt from the constraints of corsets and convention. Avenda imagines a conversation that might have been left hanging in the artistic air … and proposes a dialogue with painters who will surely follow.

Avenda says “I seek to give the sitters a modern voice. The corset is off, and it is not going back on. ‘One is bigger than the other, get over it.’ ‘That’s the last time I’m going to wax my upper lip, get over it.’ ‘This studio is freezing and I’m not even getting the minimum wage and no idea what I can make for supper.’ It’s 2018 and women will no longer be compelled to be beautiful for their audience; only for themselves, and on their own terms.”



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to Sep 23

Devon Open Studios - Seven Studios @ TAAG

The TAAG display for the annual Devon Open Studios 

7 artists are taking part and will be there most of their time painting and demonstrating their various styles and work.

Artists -

Barbara Watkins
Clare Jenkinson
Donna Hogarth
Jane Branch
Kathryn Loram
Michelle Greenwood-Brown
Shirley Taylor

Workshops available during the exhibition...

Tuesday 11th September 1.30 - 4pm - CLARE JENKINSON 'Plant Portraits' observational drawing from plants £5

Wednesday 12th 1.30 - 4pm - JANE BRANCH 'Expressive Charcoal' drawing workshop, please bring a putty rubber and watercolour paper (booking required)

Sunday 16th 10.30am - 1pm - DONNA HOGARTH 'Mixed media collage ' £5

Monday 17th 10am - 4pm - MICHELLE GREENWOOD-BROWN Mosaic Heart workshop £35 (booking required)

DOS Brochure image Seven Studios %40 TAAG .jpg
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to Dec 14

Landscape exhibition

Artists exhibiting

Rosemary Waine; Silk painter

Ursula Andrejczuk; Painter oils

Michael Neal; Painter and printmaker

Richard Berry; Painter in watercolours and oil.

Tony Homer; painter in acrylics and printmaker.

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Quadriga 2
to Jul 13

Quadriga 2

A harmonious exhibition of contemporary art by local artists.

Impressionist and abstract work together with wire sculptures motivated by reactions to nature, mood and feeling will fill the gallery with fresh and stimulating pieces to challenge viewers' imaginations


The struggle and joy of creating a work may not always be a long process but one has to draw on every corner of the mind to capture what is in one’s imagination. The subject matter hides so many mysteries and I strive to  reveal what lies beyond.



I'm in awe - intrigued - at the force and impact of essential elements in our existence and this is what motivates my work. 

Through an evolving portfolio of techniques I hope to offer alternative perspectives, working and reworking qualities and characteristics with different treatments which inspire unexpected reaction.

I like to work free from accepted interpretation as it's my belief that the imagination has no boundaries and depth of emotion may be revealed through art. 




Having learnt  the basics from renowned wire sculptor Celia Smith I have progressed to develop my own styles and techniques.

My original inspiration was the bird life of Devon’s coast and countryside. This allowed me to create life and movement in my interpretation of the subjects.

Encouraged by success at my latest exhibitions and falling back on the design aspect of my commercial career I have sculpted a series of impressionist silhouettes based on the human form and abstract shapes from nature .

 I will be showing this collection along with new works in my original style at the forthcoming exhibition.

help 2.JPG
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Fibre Art Exhibition - Joanna Gosling + Isabelle Jourdan
to Jul 6

Fibre Art Exhibition - Joanna Gosling + Isabelle Jourdan

Colour, texture, form

Fibre Artists, Isabelle Jourdan and Jo Gosling use colour, texture and form in explorations related to both the Bauhaus tradition and Peruvian textiles. In addition to their artistic practice, between them they have a wealth of experience in the field of psychology and spiritual practice. For both, the passion for fibre art makes their art a sacred and devotional practice.

Isabelle and Jo look forward to welcoming you and during the exhibition, will be delighted to demonstrate techniques used in their work, with a variety of yarns including some hand-spun.

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to Jun 29

In Nature's Colours

Artists taking part 

Charmain Hebbard -Sunset on Mull

Carol Courtier -Quiet day at Trevone

Clare Jenkinson - Passiflora

Rose Jenkinson- Sencha

Mike Nicholls -Time and Space

Elaine Best - Together

Wendy Dominguez- Tree

Jenny Day- Rivers of Colour

Click images to enlarge

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to Jun 22

Newton Abbot Art Group

Newton Abbot Art Group return to TAAG with their 2018 Summer Exhibition of original paintings, prints, and ceramics.  Newton Abbot Art Group have over 70 members, and many of the paintings being exhibited  have been completed at their twice weekly studio sessions when they meet as a Group.  

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition all are welcome to a cream tea to be served in TAAG on Saturday 9th June at 2.30 pm, when there will be a short ceremony awarding trophies for best artworks.

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Devon Tapestry Weavers Exhibition - Gallery 1
to Jun 8

Devon Tapestry Weavers Exhibition - Gallery 1

Teignmouth poster with textures2-page-0.jpg

Textures of Weaving: contemporary tapestry weaving.

Devon Tapestry Weavers are holding an exhibition of their work entitled ‘Textures of Weaving’ at the Teignmouth Arts Action Group Gallery in Devon between 10am and 5pm from Saturday 2ndto Friday 8thJune.  

There has been a resurgence of interest in tapestry weaving in the last few years and Devon Tapestry Weavers are committed to bringing the traditional art of tapestry weaving into the 21stcentury. In a fast-paced world with instant gratification, tapestry weaving is a slow, meditative process requiring a minimum of equipment and accessible to everyone. Come and see weavers in action and have a go yourself!

For more information, please contact:

Paulette Furnival


Mobile: 07718 539 458

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to Jun 1

Paintings by the TEIGN - AGERS

Artists taking part


Gill Michael - Watercolour Animals, Landscapes, Seascapes in quirky colours

Yvonne Grylls - Oils, watercolour, Pebeo, you name it and Yvonne will have tried it.  

Carol Warren - Oils, acrylics, Carol experiments and is always keen to learn something new.  She is at present working on the concept of abstracts.

Ann Beves - Watercolour and acrylic,  Ann has a joyful nature and it comes across in her paintings, which are often comedic animals which can’t help make you smile.

Ann Denning. - Pastel and acrylic paintings often larger than the norm.  Ann paints in a free nature her paintings reflect this.  They verge on the impressionists style.

Yvonne Grylls

Yvonne is an Amateur artist who was born in Teignmouth and attended the Teignmouth Grammar School. She has always enjoyed creating so when she retired she decided to try painting and absolutely has a passion for it.

Watercolour, Acrylic, Waterbased Oils and now experimenting with Pebeo glass paint.. Yvonne has exhibited and sold locally and surrounding areas. She paints Montages of local villages and towns and has been fortunate to have sold to Council Offices for them to send away as gifts for Twinning including Teignmouth. 

TEIGN AGERS  poster number 25.jpg
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Irresistible People & Places
to May 25

Irresistible People & Places


An exhibition by Denise Mills & Emma Stanley-Clarke

 Denise Mills 

Denise Mills 

Denise is a self taught artist living in Dawlish and a member of Teignmouth Art Society, Dawlish Painters and the Dawlish Art Society.

She has won 'Best in Show' awards in all three societies.

She paints mainly in acrylic, her favourite medium, and enjoys painting animals, boats, seascapes, portraits and, more recently abstracts and landscapes.

Some off her paintings are now abroad in Spain, the USA, France, Singapore and also nearer home in Hampton Court Palace.

Although she suffers a lot from arthritis she hopes to carry on painting for some time yet. Happy Days!


 Emma Stanley-Clarke

Emma Stanley-Clarke

 Emma Stanley-Clarke

Emma Stanley-Clarke

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to May 25

Elaine Ford - Exhibition

Elaine has worked as an Equity Registered Stunt Co-ordinator and Performer in Films and Television for over 25 years.  She also pursued her passion for art, and in 2013 studied Fine Art at Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton), where she graduated with a B.A. (Hons) Degree.  She then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Fine Art. 

The adrenalin rush, energy, and drama is ever-present and feeds into her creative practice, which involves painting, print and installation.

Nancy Balfour Award 2016   -   Winchester School of Art

"My current work is an amalgamation of drama, imagination, and memory.  The sea is my initial starting point and touch stone.  The interaction with materials is the way I engage myself with the unconscious/subconscious and actual sea and the concepts of sea.  This, I can feel free to use in whichever direction I choose.  The physical act of pouring and pushing paint around is an intrinsic part of my practice, whereby I lose myself in the materiality of the painting process.  I have a passion for colour and it’s emotive qualities within a painting.  I endeavour to create art that the viewer will respond to on a sub conscious level in a similar way that the power of music can influence and affect our souls.  .

An important value within my life has been 'the dramatic' and is a central thread in everything I become involved  with.  Subsequently, these qualities that I value, have been my guideline for the constituents of my art making within the last three years."

Click image to enlarge

Elaine poster.jpg
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to May 18

TIAF Anglo/French Exhibition

  • TAAG Arts & Community Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

T.I.A.F. - Teignmouth International Art Forum

Anglo / French Exhibition May 2018

It is Teignmouth's turn to host the Anglo French Exhibition which for local artists will be from Sunday 6th May to Friday 18th May 2018 for 13 days. 
This year it coincides with the Perros- Guirec Twinning weekend so will be a particularly exciting exhibition. 
There will be two social occasions, 
1. An opening/preview on Sunday 6th at 5pm
2. A reception event with aperitifs for the VIPs, artists and twinners as well as the awarding of the public choice prize on Friday 11th May. 

To find out more and let us know you want to enter click on required entry below to download the file

TIAF Registration Form 

TIAF Terms and Conditions

TIAF Receipt and Deposit form 

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Gallery 2 - Hermosa Glass
to Apr 27

Gallery 2 - Hermosa Glass

We are Hermosa Glass or Karen and Mark, we are now husband and wife team who got married this year but have been together for over 9 years.

We mainly work with stained and fused glass enjoying the chance to be creative for ourselves and interpret our client’s ideas into stained glass panels.

We are currently working on a commission for a series of panels depicting scenes in and around Bridport Mark’s old home town. We enjoy working with our clients on their commissions as it gives us a chance to try new styles and appreciate other’s ideas.

Karen is currently experimenting with fused glass structures. We have also been experimenting with discarded/recycled glass.   

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 20.50.59.png
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Dawlish Art Group Spring Exhibition
to Apr 27

Dawlish Art Group Spring Exhibition

  • TAAG Arts & Community Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Artists taking part are as follows.

Valerie Anderson.                                         Audrey Gowan                                  

Liz Brown.                                                     Denise Mills

Chris Butler.                                                 Jenny Norman

June Copplestone Cooper.                        Pam Richards

Sheila Dangar.                                             Jeanette Waldron

Will Edwards.                                              Gill Wiseman

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Paintings, Pots and Presents
to Apr 20

Paintings, Pots and Presents

Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Paintings, Pots and Presents exhibition combines the arts and crafts of many talented people who have come together to form this eclectic exhibition at TAAG from April 14 -20.
Virginia Griem -artist and potter
Jacqui Thomson - artist
Pat Tout- artist and craft person
Fernly Tout- master wood carver
Kathie Weedon - artist, potter and crafts person
Neil Slack- crafts person
Jan Newton - artist, potter and eclectic collector/craft person.
The exhibition will have items for sale across a wide price range to suit everyone.

Some of the work of the artists taking part in the exhibition - click to enlarge image

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to Apr 14

Teignwich Artists

  • TAAG Arts & Community Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The popular Teignwich Village Artists return for their fourth season at TAAG from 30th. March to 13th. April .

The fact that there are 10 well known local artists exhibiting not only local scenes but also a wide range of subjects including abstracts makes  a visit to the Artist`s Quarter in Teignmouth a worthwhile trip during the holiday break.

Artists taking part are -

Mike Wall; Chris Pitman; Keith Bowcock; Alan Gregory;
Diana Kleyn; Andy Tapper; Maureen Fayle; Jenny Day;
Wendy Dominguez; Emma Stanley-Clarke


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to Mar 29

Earth Hour exhibition

  • TAAG Arts and Community Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS
Earth 1.jpg

An exhibition to celebrate Earth Hour


In response to Earth Hour 2018
at TAAG from Friday 23rd March to Thursday 29th March 2018

‘Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement uniting people to protect the planet and is organised by WWF engaging a massive mainstream community on a broad range of environmental issues.  Earth Hour was famously started as a light-off event in Sydney Australia in 2007.  Since then it has grown to engage more than 7000 cities and towns worldwide, and the one-hour event continues to remain the key driver of the now larger movement.’(see

This year Earth Hour falls on Saturday 24th March and the theme in Teignmouth is ‘Bikes’. 

TAAG will be hosting an exhibition to which we invite contributions from artists.  The exhibition will run from the 23rd to Thursday 29th - the day before Good Friday.  Exhibits will be hung on Thursday 22nd March with the private view on Saturday 24th from 6pm.  This is followed at 7.30pm by a bring a dish supper and some storytelling ‘Tales from the Saddle’. There is no charge to artists to exhibit with just a 20% commission on sales to help cover costs. 

Artists are invited to take a broad approach to the subject matter.  The group organising the events have been using the strap line ‘pedal ‘n’ pulse’ which I pass on for your interest and inspiration.  So far a miniature skate park with ramps is being made by children as an interactive piece and several artists are looking at sculptures from bike parts.  From what we are hearing so far it seems likely that there will be more interactive/moving parts of the exhibition than usual but we need a richness of creative thought and we are excited and interested to hear any of your ideas.

Please send a description and a picture or drawing of your exhibit giving all relevant details to: and title your email Earth Hour 2018: Exhibit. We will need to have received details of your exhibit by 22nd February. 

I will pick up your emails off the TAAG computer. If you would like to contact me directly and get a faster reply to any queries you can do so at

Bike Comp.jpg

Topical Talks that Don't Cost the Earth

Earth Hour is now the world's largest grassroots environmental movement creating massive impact around the globe. Each year, hundreds of millions of people organise events – at home, and in their community to show they care about the future of our planet. 

Three interesting evenings have been arranged by Teign Estuary Transition to develop the Earth Hour Theme, following the Pedal and Pulse events on Saturday 24th March. The venue is TAAG in Northumberland Place, Teignmouth, with a 7pm for 7.30pm start.


“Incredible Vegetables” is the title of the first talk on Monday 26th March. Mandy Barber is a perennial vegetable enthusiast, and she and her partner Julian Skinner run an organic nursery near Ashburton growing perennial vegetables and unusual edible plants. There will also be plants or seeds for sale.

Mercurys Rising original.jpg

“Mercury’s Rising! Weather we like it or not” follows on Tuesday evening, 27th March, with speaker Dr Michelle McCrystal from the University of Exeter. She wants to talk about all things climate, how it has changed in our lifetime,  and what we can actually do about it.

Ethical investing is the theme of the third evening on Thursday 29th March. Paul Pizzala’s background is investment with sustainability expertise, working for a variety of wealth management companies, most recently for WHEB Asset Management. Antony is our local environmental communicator, founder of CarbonSense and currently CEO of Real World Visuals, whose speciality is developing images and stories that make sense of the data collected about our world. Antony and Paul promise an interactive discussion on investing and their personal reflections.

TAAG is also hosting 'Bikes' An Exhibition of Art, reflecting this year's Earth Hour theme in Teignmouth.

Suggested entry is £2 for each evening, to cover speakers' and TAAG's expenses.

More information - Mike Rickard 07877 797271

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Journeys - part of the Teignmouth Poetry Festival
to Mar 22

Journeys - part of the Teignmouth Poetry Festival

‘Journeys’ – Saturday March 10th to Thursday 22nd

 An exhibition of new Art and Poetry to celebrate  Teignmouth Poetry Festival 2018

Local artists and poets have been collaborating for many months to produce a scintillating range of new work around the theme of ‘Journeys’. The exhibition – including 40 new artworks and over 50 new poems – is curated by poet and former art teacher Graham Burchell. 

Graham says, “It’s been fascinating to watch this body of work developing. Writers have taken inspiration direct from the artwork, while painters and sculptors have been influenced by the new writing which has emerged. The ‘Journeys’ theme has brought a dozen different interpretations: the places people have journeyed to, the roads they’ve taken, spiritual, seasonal and nature-based journeys by both night and day. There are political slants and even journeys into the cosmos.”

Graham is confident the visual art will have it’s own immediate impact on visitors. But as an extra treat for this year’s event, eight prominent poets from all over the UK have donated their own ‘Journey’ poems. He adds, “Taking time to read the poetry which accompanies it is certain to deepen the experience of a visit. When all this comes together in the gallery space, it will be our best exhibition yet!”

 ‘Journeys’, part of Teignmouth Poetry Festival Fringe, opens on Saturday 10th March. Entry is free, and the TAAG gallery is open from 10am – 5pm, seven days a week. Information about the opening night party will follow.

Full details of the Poetry Festival, which is supported by National Lottery funding through Arts Council England, are available via this link

Tickets for all Festival events are available from the Teignmouth Pavilions box office.

          Firebreak Road - Jacqui Thomson                                Walkabout - Avenda Burnell-Walsh                    

Click image to enlarge

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A Brush with Art
to Mar 10

A Brush with Art

The name John Skinner will be known by many in the Teignmouth area for his unique watercolour paintings as well as his outgoing nature.

Many will also know him as an excellent tutor who holds regular watercolour workshops passing on his skills to many willing students.

The main gallery at TAAG Arts & Community centre will next week be filled with many of the results of his teaching when many of his pupils display their work in an exhibition aptly titled “A Brush with Art”. They may be students but their art will be very worthwhile seeing, having had the stamp of approval from John.

As can be seen from the different styles of painting the members of the group are individuals in their own right, each of them deciding what subject they would like to paint.     The Group was formed some four years ago with many new members joining along the way and is for all abilities from beginners to experienced artists. 

This is the Group's second Exhibition at TAAG. 




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Inspired by Nature
to Mar 9

Inspired by Nature

An exhibition of paintings by Wendy Hayden-Sadler, Anne Baker & Tony Homer

Saturday 3rd March - Friday 8th March 2018 - 10am - 5 pm - Admission Free

poster 1.jpg


Returning to TAAG for their third annual art exhibition are popular local artists Wendy Hayden-Sadler and Anne Baker. This year they are joined by another well-known painter, Tony Homer.

Their exhibition, entitled "Inspired by Nature", will run from Saturday 3rd March to Friday 9th March and feature a fascinating new range of original paintings, giclee prints and greetings cards that always proved popular with visitors and local residents alike.

Whilst the three artists paint in notably contrasting genres, their works all show a great affinity to nature and a love of Teignmouth and the surrounding country side.

Click on images to enlarge

Wendy Hayden Sadler

Wendy is an impressionist landscape artist. She has been painting all her adult life, having exhibited in Hong Kong and Malta before returning to England twenty years ago.

Wendy is a very versatile artist working in a number of different mediums. She has also studied batik-making in Asia and miniature painting at West Dean College, Sussex.

Wendy is qualified to teach art at adult education centres and colleges and previously taught art as an occupational therapy. Her work, which is strongly influenced by the proximity of the moors and the sea, has been exhibited in many galleries and venues in Devon, including several occasions at TAAG.

Anne Baker

Art has held a lifelong interest to Anne. Since her return home to Devon 8 years ago, Anne has continued to broaden her artistic scope by joining Totnes and Teignmouth Art Societies. This has encouraged her to expand her love of nature by introducing the Devon sea and landscapes into her portfolio as well as the abundant bird and animal life.

Over the last five years, she has attended many courses and workshops in order to tighten up her natural flair. This has culminated in a number of successful local exhibitions. 

Tony Homer


A painter and printmaker based in Devon, Tony's work uses local landscapes, buildings and the sea. He uses these elements as a starting point for his paintings and prints.

He likes to use sketchbooks to collect information and drawing from observation is integral to his work. These studies help him with compositions, colour, form and pattern, which evolve through mark making with pencils, pens and brushes.

 Working outside is important to Tony as he gets his best ideas from things that happen around him. Landscape, rivers and architecture are his main concerns and these form an important part of the focus of his work.

 Back in the studio he will use these early studies to develop his ideas for paintings. Working on three or four ideas, paintings gradually come together and can often result in abstraction but the origins are all from the environment.

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Creative Minds - Gallery 2
to Mar 2

Creative Minds - Gallery 2

An exhibition of local area artists

Amy Burton-Smith

Lisa Fletcher

David Warren

Jon Bond

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 22.59.17.png

Amy Burton-Smith
Teignmouth-based Artist                      

Amy started her painting career by painting pet portraits and even though she now chooses to paint landscapes, she still spends a lot of time working on pet portrait commissions.

Mostly, she chooses to work in oil paints, however will rarely turn down the opportunity to explore new media. In this exhibition, she has extended herself into producing colouring books and even a one of a kind dress made from the printed artwork of fellow artist, Lisa Fletcher.

She works as an artist for Red Herring Games has recently completed artwork (pencil sketches, ink drawings and oil paintings) for their new murder mystery subscription package. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 22.59.27.png

Lisa Fletcher
Paignton Artist  

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My Name is Lisa Fletcher. I reside in Paignton, Devon, and I have been drawing and painting since I could hold a brush.  It hasn’t been until recent years that I’ve started to sell my work or carry out commissions as opposed to simply enjoying the creative journey and gifting the work away to delighted recipients.

Although I like to dabble in most media, I’m happiest with both oil paints and acrylics. What I love about oils, is the wonderful gloss and richness of colours you get when you mix them together, plus the fact you can layer on top of old layers, meaning there is a greater depth enjoyed. Using acrylics, bring excitement to the mix as you have to blend quickly in order to beat the fast drying nature of the paint!  I also love the vibrancy this media brings, and never tire of it’s brightness.

The theme of the work displayed here, is mostly of a meadow nature, the chosen style is formed by using acrylic on canvas. I like to study skies and enjoy stretching the imagination to enhance a sunset. The brighter the better, and I like a stark contrast between land and sky.      

I am happy to discuss any commission requirements with you.

I hope you enjoy looking at the work, and thank you for your time.

Contact details:

Mobile: 07854578160      Email:

I have a Facebook page entitled: Lisa Fletcher Art

Click on image to enlarge


Jon Bond

Jon is a Devon based Digital Artist and Photographer. He has been involved in theatre for over 20 years and been creating photography art for the last 5 years. He has a wide spectrum of types of photography ranging from classic portraiture, landscape, theatre and creative portraiture. He tries to think outside the box with lighting and in camera effects to create something unique and eye-catching.

His theatre photography skills have been utilised for local drama societies including Brixham Operatic and Dramatic Society, TOADS at the Little Theatre, Torquay and Teignmouth Players.

With his digital artwork Jon has over 12 years of experience using industry standard tools to create interesting and compelling images. Using Photoshop Jon can create Double Exposure Portraits, Abstract Art pieces. His speciality is Double Exposures – blending two images together to create something new and unique.

His images always have a theme/story in mind his work – it has gained good exposure on social media with other local artists wanting to collaborate and music arts requesting album artwork 


David Warren

David is a Torquay based artist.

Having been a successful portrait artist for many years, David is trying something different for this exhibition and is enjoying having a 'play' with landscapes.

David works with a variety of different media including acrylic, oil paint and charcoal. 


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6 view - points Gallery 1
to Mar 2

6 view - points Gallery 1

Teign Artists Exhibition 

TAAG Flyer-1.jpg

Artists taking part

Josie Gould, Ray Vyse, Patricia Ferns, Alison Jagger Cane, Petra Lewin, Elizabeth Rashley
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Josie Gould

Josie is interested in the feeling of being in nature and paints en plain air on Dartmoor and the coast throughout the year. Immersing herself in the local wild places enables her to catch the fleeting sensory qualities of light and colour that most affect and move her.

Josie uses mixed media and whatever is at hand to evoke poetic memories of land and sea. In reclaiming a sensual, contemplative nature through awareness of the ebb and flow of the world, her aim is to invite others to reconnect with mystical experiences of peacefulness, well-being and the exuberance of natural vitality. 

Josie Gould, with collaborator Jane Ellis, is a finalist in the Devon Life, landscape artist of the year 2018 competition.

BA (Hons) Fine Art, PG Dip: Documentary Photography, MA Fine Art. 

07768 736323 or    Please contact me on:

Ray Vyse

Ray Vyse - Anisotropic Art - In wood

My wall art, made from laminated wood, has been described by exhibition visitors as 'very original', 'unique' and 'extraordinary!' I enjoy exploring, revealing and exploiting the tactile and anisotropic nature of wood and in particular, laminated wood where the grain directions of laminates alternate. Some pieces are 3D constructions while others have relief patterns created by carving and shaping. When the anisotropic properties of the wood are too subtle, I add colour to create more striking directional effects. Recent work combines order and structure with the organic and disorderly.

Ray Vyse - Vysey - Digital Art

I have moved on from my love of photography, in recent years, to use computer graphics to create a variety of stylised images with clean crisp outlines and bold colours. I have also produced various purely abstract images, which I like to see printed up in glossy acrylic format.

Patricia Ferns

I love both bold, bright colours and subtle, gentle washes, depending on the mood and subject matter. I enjoy working on a large scale and exploring or experimenting with variety of medium (acrylic, watercolours, inks, pastels, oil and mixed media.) I am also a silk painter, which probably influences my love of colour and venture into other textiles.

I draw my inspiration from various sources – the body, landscape and nature. I try to convey the energy, texture, movement and effects of light in landscape and simplicity of line in other subjects.

Further enquiries: 07875 091368 or

Alison Jagger Cane

After running my own small business for a few years it is now a great joy to have
the chance to revisit my art/design and make practice. My previous work has been
underpinned by an interest in the mysteries of the brain - specifically consciousness, 
perception and thought.

The notion of merging science, technology and biology played a major role in the
conceptual outcome of my previous art imagery and installation work.This new body
of work is very different for me. It is an experiment in exploring my own consciousness
and validating the results through a series of abstract digital marks to initiate a design.

In art terms you would probably describe it as digital, abstract expressionism
based on personal exploration. The outcome surprisingly reflects a winter landscape
and has features that can be used in my design work.

From this starting point I hope to create a collection which will include wall art, 
sculptural pieces and perhaps some handmade useable items. 

This is new work in progress for me so watch this space!

Contact :

Petra Lewin

I never cease to be amazed by the weird and wonderful interplay of light and colour. The different emotional experiences awakened by the melancholy of flickering shadows and joyous crescendo of bright and dazzling colours.  These are the touchstones that effect my painting and print work.  My initial inspiration may be triggered by a chance event – a thought or a memory.  The journey from thereon takes on a life of its own developing what lies beneath and beyond the initial inspiration. 

Further enquiries:         

Elizabeth Rashley

My name is Elizabeth Rashley and I'm a linocutter. I work from my studio in East Ogwell. I carve out my ideas on lino and print the blocks using a fabulous 1844 Victorian Albion Printing Press. I enjoy the discipline of constructing images within the confines of a rectangular block. I design both monochrome and colour prints. 

My linocuts incorporate bold shapes and flowing lines with a touch of humour.

I produce limited edition linocut prints, bunting and greetings cards. 

As well as being a member of Teign Artists, I am also a member of the Devon Guild Of Craftsmen in Bovey Tracey. If you would like to contact me, you can email on






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Granite Elements - Gallery 1
to Feb 23

Granite Elements - Gallery 1

Artists taking part are Mei Lim , Cheryl Watson , Angela Holmes , Sally Anderson, Marilyn Murch , Clare Benson and Bridget Arnold 

Granite Elements Artists will be displaying artwork they have created inspired by the Granite Tramway which linked Haytor to Stover Canal, where barges then took the granite to Teignmouth to be taken by boat to London.

 Granite Elements is the Bovey Tracey Parishscapes Project funded by Moor Than Meets The Eye Landscape Partnership with Heritage Lottery Funding. It is a Community project bringing artists, historians and local experts together.

 Bovey Tracey Society of Artists, showing alongside Granite Elements, are displaying their creative responses to the Granite Landscape , including works responding to a poem by Local Poetess Jackie Juno  about the Granite Tramway. 

GE•TAAG Poster-2.jpg
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Old Pictures New Homes
to Feb 16

Old Pictures New Homes

If you have any works of art in good condition that you would like to offer to others then this is the chance for you.

For just £1 – non returnable – we will display up to four of your paintings or high quality prints and offer them for sale during the exhibition (February 3rd to 16th. If successful we will pay you the purchase price less a commission that we will use towards the upkeep and future of the TAAG Centre.

 To take part bring your works of art to the TAAG Centre in Northumberland Place between 5 and 8pm on Thursday February 1st or between 10am and 1pm on Friday 2nd. We will do the rest.

art sale call out A5 2018.jpg
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Aquarius - TAAG Exhibition
to Feb 2

Aquarius - TAAG Exhibition

Aquarius is the sign of the water carrier so this exhibition has a water theme – entries could include seascapes, astrology, rain and more
Dates: January 20th  until February 2nd

Artists taking part.  (click image to enlarge)

Colin Lizius

Ann Lunn

I started painting when I moved to Dawlish fifteen years ago. I began sketching our grandchildren then had a go at painting them and loved it!

Soon moved on to other subjects

Now I’m painting in various styles and mediums and the canvases are getting bigger and bigger!

Virginia Griem

I am a potter, a painter and a poet, holding City and Guilds in both drawing and landscape painting. I live in Kingsteignton, but am originally from Buckinghamshire.  My father was an architect and an accomplished artist so art is in my blood.  I have always loved making and painting and now that I have retired from the newspaper industry am enjoying the freedom and time to create.  I am secretary of the Newton Abbot Art Group, and actively involved in the Teignmouth Poetry Festival which takes place every year in March.

Rob Smith

Jane Ripley

Brian Cracknell

Jenny Jenkins

Liz Diamond

Jacqueline Thompson

I have lived in the South West since moving from Leicestershire, with my husband, in 2009. Until I retired, I worked for most of my life in the fashion industry, enjoying many years in fashion design and pattern technology.

My love for painting in all it's forms started when I was around 6 years old, only taking a back seat while I was bringing up my son and holding down a full-time job. I had wanted to go to art college after school, but my parents couldn't afford for me to attend, so I put that idea aside. 

Although I didn't paint often during those years, I still kept some form of painting in the background, for when I had a spare few hours. I now paint in most mediums, according to the most sympathetic approach for the subject in hand, and sometimes just because I find a certain medium exciting - such as Cold Wax Medium with oil pigment, or exploring acrylic abstracts.

My retirement has enabled me to give far more time to my art work, and living in Buckfastleigh exposed to the inspiring Devon countryside, moorlands, woodlands and coast, I feel I could paint forever and still not cover everything that delights me. Perhaps that is why my painting style tends more towards spontaneity, and capturing the emotional response to the subject.

I'm looking forward to the next 10 years, and seeing how my painting develops further, making up for all those years, when painting was literally just a dream.

Michelle Greenwood-Brown

Margaret Sheppard


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Community and Voluntary Groups Exhibition
to Jan 19

Community and Voluntary Groups Exhibition

  • TAAG Arts and Community Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Each year TAAG offers local community and voluntary groups space to exhibit details about their organisation free of charge.

Come in to TAAG and see the amazing number of groups who are showing what they do for the town and surrounding area.

Many of them are always on the lookout for new members or volunteers - maybe one is righty for you.

Open daily between 10am and 5pm.

You are invited to take part in the 2018 Community and voluntary groups exhibition from Jan 6th - 19th 2018.

Do you want to hold a FREE event?

In addition we can offer, on a first come first served basis, the opportunity to book a free event in the gallery space for your organization to offer teas and coffees etc. as a promotional/fundraising event. If you want to take advantage of this you can check by emailing us at.

This exhibition has proved successful as

a recruitment / publicity event for organisations in the past so TAAG has decided to repeat the free exhibition. Setting up is on Friday 5th January after 5.30pm ready to open at 10am on Saturday 7th.

It is a good opportunity to have a stand/display area showing your work and future activities and for people to leave their contact details. Nearly 40 organisations took advantage last year and we hope to increase the number this coming January.
Each organisation has about a metre of wall space in one of our Galleries for a board display and room for a table for leaflets etc. in front. A pull up banner is also suitable. Because this is a rent free activity we will require you to provide a couple days voluntary stewarding of the exhibition.

If you are interested in joining us and/or holding an event please email or drop into the TAAG Arts and Community Centre in the
Old Swansons Garage
4/5 Northumberland Place
TeignmouthTQ14 8DD

Poster 2.jpg



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Christmas at TAAG
to Jan 5

Christmas at TAAG

  • TAAG Arts and Community Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The popular Christmas exhibition from over 25 TAAG artists.

This bonanza of an exhibition will be showing many crafts such as glass, textiles, ceramics and wood turning alongside print making and painting. Something to suit everyone.

The exhibition opens its’ doors on Saturday 9th December and continues into the New year, finally ending on Friday January 5th 2018.

Do't miss out on the opportunity to see just what the artists have been working on.

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to Dec 1

9 Ways of Seeing

  • TAAG Arts and Community Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

9 ways of seeing is a unique mix of different photographic styles, subjects and messages.

The nine different photographers are all part of the Exeter Camera Club which recently celebrated 125 years as a centre of photographic and creative excellence.

Landscape? Of course. Street and real people? You betcha. Wildlife and nature? Naturally.

Mixed in with a creative swirl of abstract, conceptual and visual art, you won’t regret coming in.

Sponsored by Focal Point Imaging

More details HERE

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