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Quadriga 2

A harmonious exhibition of contemporary art by local artists.

Impressionist and abstract work together with wire sculptures motivated by reactions to nature, mood and feeling will fill the gallery with fresh and stimulating pieces to challenge viewers' imaginations


The struggle and joy of creating a work may not always be a long process but one has to draw on every corner of the mind to capture what is in one’s imagination. The subject matter hides so many mysteries and I strive to  reveal what lies beyond.



I'm in awe - intrigued - at the force and impact of essential elements in our existence and this is what motivates my work. 

Through an evolving portfolio of techniques I hope to offer alternative perspectives, working and reworking qualities and characteristics with different treatments which inspire unexpected reaction.

I like to work free from accepted interpretation as it's my belief that the imagination has no boundaries and depth of emotion may be revealed through art. 




Having learnt  the basics from renowned wire sculptor Celia Smith I have progressed to develop my own styles and techniques.

My original inspiration was the bird life of Devon’s coast and countryside. This allowed me to create life and movement in my interpretation of the subjects.

Encouraged by success at my latest exhibitions and falling back on the design aspect of my commercial career I have sculpted a series of impressionist silhouettes based on the human form and abstract shapes from nature .

 I will be showing this collection along with new works in my original style at the forthcoming exhibition.

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Later Event: July 14