Voluntary Groups in the Teignmouth area

There are many Charitable and Community Groups in Teignmouth and the surrounding area and in 2013 TAAG set out to invite as many as possible to TAAG for a two week exhibition. We had a total of 40 organisations which was a good start and we have listed many of them on this website to help you find them.

We have repeated the exercise each year since and have updated the list on this site -we hope you find the details of interest.

We believe there are many more groups around and we would like to hear from them and include them in next year’s exhibition which will be in January next year.  If you are such an organisation please contact us at info@teignmoutharts.org or ring Roger on  07725 006003

If you know of such an organisation please pass our details on to them - Thank you – we hope you find the details of interest.