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6 Creative Contemporaries

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RPS: Royal Photographic Society

LRPS: Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society 

ARPS: Associate of the Royal Photographic Society 

Melanie studied Visual Communication at Bath Academy of Art, majoring in photography and typography. This was followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her interest in photography was renewed when she retired and was given her first digital camera. Since then she has become an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, exhibited locally and has had her work selected for the South West Academy Open Exhibition. She particularly enjoys finding images in the unexpected, for example discovering a found landscape in peeling paint on the side of an old boat. She has recently taken up painting and drawing again and is enjoying exploring mediums and rediscovering techniques.

Di embraces all types of creative photography. She draws her inspiration from land and seascapes here and abroad and the diverse cultures discovered on her travels. Living in Devon she has developed a particular affinity with sea and coast. She has developed a special interest in Visual Art, sometimes using Photoshop to produce an abstract view. Gaining an LRPS and joining Exeter Camera Club has increased her enthusiasm for new approaches to photography. In the near future she will be renewing her interest in ceramics.

Jenny Her love and appreciation of photography and visual art started at seven years of age. By her teens she worked alongside her father in his darkroom developing and printing her own black and white photographs. Since joining Exeter Camera Club this passion has continued and she has achieved her LRPS. She has also completed many craft courses and workshops recently finding her niche in producing unique polymer clay jewellery.

Sure joined Exeter Camera Club on her retirement and acquired her first digital camera and photography tuition from a close friend. She has a particular interest in Visual art and nature photography, particularly enjoying creating an artistic impression of a natural subject. She has exhibited many of her images locally over the past 12 years. She has also more recently become a silversmith, creating a range of unique jewellery using new and recycled antique silver as a raw material. She often uses items from nature as an inspiration and to provide a texture on her creations.

Jane is part of this group of friends who meet regularly to enjoy making crafts. She knits and makes necklaces using polymer clay and Kumihimo, a Japanese form of braid making. Her main interest is photography and microscopy and her favourite genre is visual art. She achieved an ARPS distinction from the Royal Photographic Society and is a member of Exeter Camera Club.


Di has been a keen photographer for about 15 years, since joining Exeter Camera Club, where she is past President. She is also a member of the Royal Photographic Society, having achieved both her LRPS and ARPS. She serves on the South West Committee and has recently taken over the Visual Arts group for the SW. She has been invited to numerous Camera Clubs as a guest speaker and had had articles in the RPS Visual Art magazine, Digital Camera and Amateur Photographer. She has a passion for floral, still life and latterly dance photography. Over the last couple of years she has been a member of a group who have concentrated on dance and movement. This has been an honour and a delight, not least because of the lovely people they have met. She is working towards her Fellowship of the RPS. Any spare time is spent on other crafts such as beading.    www.diwilkinsphotography.co.uk

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Inside TRAIL 2019
to Sep 5

Inside TRAIL 2019

Inside TRAIL Gallery Exhibition where a lively mix of art created from recycled / reclaimed materials will be on display and available to purchase.

Artists exhibiting

Petra Turner

Ben Yates

Colin Wares

Roge Slater

Clare Seal

Amy McCarthy

Sam Lock

Mia Hatzer

Janec Van Veen


Viv Bell

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TAAG Summer Open Exhibition
to Aug 16

TAAG Summer Open Exhibition

The 2019 TAAG Summer Open Exhibition

Artists taking part include …

Amy Burton Smith, Andrea Winnchild, Avenda Burnell Walsh,

Bev Samler, Annabel Jones, Catherine Locke, Clare Fowley,

David Beer, Faith Rose, Filipe Da Silva, Dawn Robinson,

Jackie Colclough (Beach Cove), Jane Ripley Thompson,

Kwerky Krafts, Migglet, Mike Leaman, Nicolette Dann,

Pam Brooker, Rob Parrish, Roger Lissenden,

Sally Davis, Sheila Aldous, Veronica Boniface


Having learnt the basics from renowned wire sculptor Celia Smith I have progressed to develop my own styles and techniques.

My original inspiration was the bird life of Devon’s coast and countryside. This allowed me to create life and movement in my interpretation of the subjects.

Encouraged by success at my latest exhibitions and falling back on the design aspect of my commercial career I have sculpted, from reclaimed metal, a series of impressionist silhouettes based on the sea and abstract shapes from nature.

 I will be showing this collection along with new works in my original style at my forthcoming exhibitions.

Avenda Burnell-Walsh

In my figurative work I am fascinated by what we are led to believe is beauty and beautiful. We are bombarded by images of apparent perfection, yet we appear to miss the entire point of the beauty of soul. My current work looks back over centuries of figurative representation to re-evaluate the place of women in societies that demand beauty from them.

Continuing my series, The corsets are off, and they are not going back on, I am looking at feet/footbinding/stiletto heels and other ways we hogtie ourselves in the name of beauty. Delighted to see the current Dr Who in huge flat boots. As usual I am looking back to some of the greats for style inspiration, Schiele, Modigliani, Klimt. I think their weirdness suits me.

Currently on the road in a motorhome touring France and Ireland for a few months so working very, very small. These are just some ideas I will be working up for the TAAG Summer Open.

Faith Rose

David Beer

David originates from Whitstable in Kent and trained as. teacher at Bishop Otter College in Chichester.

He stated painting at evening classes whilst at Corsham, Wiltshire, where he was a Head Teacher.

He also attended St Ives School of Painting on residential courses during this period and became captivated by St Ives, moving there in 1986 and then taught for 11 years in Penzance, where he had special responsibility for art in his school and ran in-service art courses for teachers in the area.

David retired from teaching in 1998 and spent much of the next 12 years painting and running his gallery in St Ives. In 2009 he moved to Saltash and the following year the gallery was closed.

A further movie in 2012 took him to Menheniot near Liskeard where he continued to paint seascapes and landscapes in oils using a palette knife, and making life studies using pastel and acrylics.
He exhibits in galleries around the country and has also exhibited in New York.

Amy Burton-Smith

Amy will often work with oils and has a particular affinity with boats.

Her painting journey began when she won a painting competition at the age of 14. Her painting was of a boat on the the back beach of Teignmouth and her prize was a year's membership of the River Teign Rowing Club.

She has not really stopped painting boats since.

Dawn Robinson - Aurora Seaglass

Auroras seaglass local artisan making seaglass jewelery and pictures from locally colllected seaglass from Teignmouth beach.

Dawn also makes beach inspired jewellery

Sally Davis

Leather bags purses and little accessories.

Flower brooches key rings and fun bits


An ex-professional dancer and self-taught artist, I am continually inspired by my loves and life experiences.
I adore painting quirky 'smile making' animals full of fun, expression and character.

I specialise in paintings of dancers, from ballet & contemporary to street dance and anything in between & I also love to create stylised portraits.

I use a great many mediums, work in a variety of sizes and continue to experiment with freedom & passion. I simply could not love being an artist any more, it gives me the same exciting buzz that I used to feel when dancing on stage!

Rob Parrish

Rob Parrish will be concentrating on exhibiting his unique affordable abstract acrylic painted framed tiles. Also on display will be small abstract a typical paintings, cards and prints.

Pam Brooker

Pam has been potting since 1991 and specialises in thrown tableware. She uses red earthenware clay and decorates her work with coloured slips.

She currently teaches pottery classes at Voyage Fair Trade in Teignmouth

Andrea Winnchild

Andrea works in acrylics oil and w/colour

Clare Fowley

I am a Teignmouth based arts and crafter who loves living by the sea and river. I like to use shells and driftwood I find beachcombing in my pictures and am inspired everyday by the beautiful views I am lucky enough to have on my doorstep.

Mike Leaman

Mike is still very passionate about his lifelong hobby and with over 40 years experience you can expect only the highest quality hand turned products lovingly crafted from locally sourced materials.

Each piece is unique in terms of markings within the wood and the finished design.

Jackie Colclough

Bev Samler

I am a printmaker and mixed media artist, working in Kingsteignton. I focus mainly on organic elements especially rocks and trees and have been playing, lately, with small experimental work.

Filipe Da Silva

With a passion for art from a very early age Filipe Da Silva gets much of his inspiration from Banksy's thought provoking street art.

Born in Madeira, but raised in England, he enjoys incorporating cultural messages within his pieces.

Starting the self taught journey into clay only 5 months ago, he has rapidly advanced into creating and casting his own artwork.

Sheila Aldous

Sheila Aldous is a prize winning poet who writes about history, nature and human emotion. Each poem paints its own picture. In Paper Boats, The Burning of Teignmouth and Shaldon, 1690 she writes imagined scenes and these are translated into some of her framed illustrations and cards.

Annabel Jones

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Inspired Images
to Aug 2

Inspired Images

Artists exhibiting

Mike Wall , Chris Pitman , Andy Tapper , Rob Parrish

Jan White , Avenda Burnell-Walsh, Keith Bowcock

Rob Parrish

My inspiration is often from the red soils of Devon farmlands and the changes through the seasons. Captured semi abstractly in acrylic or pastel. 

Andy Tapper

Jan White

 Love of the British coast and passionate about capturing local scenes and wildlife within it inspires my watercolour paintings. 

Avenda Burnell-Walsh

Chris Pitman

Keith Bowcock

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Sue Williamson - European Travels Urban Architecture
to Aug 2

Sue Williamson - European Travels Urban Architecture


Exhibition of Paintings

My painting has continued to be the results of discoveries on my European travels. My interest in and enjoyment of architecture , both contemporary and historical,  feed my imaginative responses to the places I spend time in.

 Much of my recent work is focused on urban spaces and places : London, Bristol, Exeter, Vienna, Berlin and  Bilbao, interspersed with Mediterranean trips to southern Spain, Italy, and across the border to Portugal.

 Working with reference to my drawings and photographs,  my practice is through deconstruction, juxtaposition  and overlaying of imagery  working on the canvas to search out the elements which convey the greatest sense of the place.

Shape, volume , space and light on an array surfaces, reflections and the ever -changing colours are my perpetual excitement and challenge; to grasp the sensations and memories  of my experiences are at the core of my intentions. 

2019 has taken me to Berlin and Bilbao . The Frank Ghery  Guggenheim  building has provided a wealth of inspiration as I confronted the titanium , stone and glass and steel structures . My current project , working with the extraordinary powerful geometric shapes of Berlin architecture is equally challenging . 

Sweden and Venice will be my next adventures of 2019.

Sue W new poster.jpg

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Force of Nature
to Jul 26

Force of Nature

 Three artists from Totnes are happy to present an arresting range of work at TAAG from July 20th– 26th.

 At first glance each has a different set of concerns; but each uses traditional skills to create very contemporary ,thought provoking images. All life is here; the human world, but also the animal kingdom.

 How do we coexist with each other has never been less than topical but with eco systems changing the beauty and preservation of the animal kingdom is increasingly in the hands of humanity.

Claire’s work in particular focuses upon wildlife of the globe reminding us all of the beauty there and the need for conservation in these times of shrinking habitats.

Adrian B and Libertad P  have shown their work together several times in the last ten years, but this is the first time that they are showing the best and most  recent works,  out of Totnes. 

Libertad will be showcasing "TOTNESITY" an audio-visual installation concerned with a recorded soundscape of peoples thoughts and feelings about the town, presented along with her distinctive portraits of those interviewed.

As multi-faceted as the population itself "TOTNESITY" is a literally colourful cross section through a community. Unbiased as only art can be, she has drawn upon people off the street, friends, shop owners, even the outgoing M.P. Ms Wollaston.

Along with this thought provoking piece are Libertad’s expansive, vigorous abstract paintings. Adrian’s drawings and oil paintings are suffused with history.  Symbols re-used, refined or re -imagined for today. 

 Teasing out new meanings from centuries old archetype’s. An unbroken continuum with the narrative concerns of the post-impressionists. harking back but very much of today. 

 Overall these three artists are here together celebrating their differences from each other and where they overlap. 

 A complimentary collection of the best work to date by these three very dedicated artists.       

Click on images to enlarge              

Claire Gordon-Bouvier

Adrian Baker


Art Poster v2.png
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Design Make and Paint
to Jul 19

Design Make and Paint


  Born Bromley Kent  25.6.1919.  Educated Central School.  Bromley School of Art,  London School of Process Engraving, Borough polytechnic. Apprenticed colour  etcher, including all  methods of printing  illustrations .  Cut short by  war.  Signed R.A.F. Sept 1939. Most  of next six years and a bit,  spent in Marine Branch commanding various craft, (Fire float, 40ft seaplane tender, 60ft pinnance, on flying boat stations, west coast of Scotland, weather was the enemy not the Germans.  Later  experimental work at Marine Aircraft  Experimental Establishment. Testing, developing new equipment, anything to do with aerial warfare and sea. 

    Meet a very nice W.A.A.F. So nice that I married her. Lilian and I started  a new life together  in 1946, with nothing except our demob money.  Quickly found  there were no houses, flats  anywhere, if you were homeless you got in the queue or squatted, unless you had a rich uncle, or had six children and wife pregnant.

We had two sons Roy born 1949, Brian born 1951

Almost everything  needed for life was rationed, by law or price. We worked very hard, by 1951 we bought a little house in Feltham. Nothing   inside except a bed, cot and kitchen table that I had made. So I set too, making furniture. Have been making furniture ever since for  Lilian,  and family.  Sadly we lost Lilian in 1990,  followed by Brian  2011, after a life in sport.  Brian Paddled  in K 4 Montreal Olympic.                                          

   The engraving firm I was employed with, not keeping  up with new methods in illustration printing,  so  it was back to college, to  study photo/litho,  finally changing from letterpress to photo-litho, scanning,  doing three weeks work in a couple of days.  The old methods very interesting, going to national galleries, country houses. Make  watecolour Aide-memoire getting details of Old masters for reproduction.  No colour photography  then.  Lilian ,  I did a lot of touring,  France, surrounding countries.  Often sketching on  way. Member Devon Art Society. I have had a brush or chisel in my  hands most of my life. Retirement to Teignmouth 1985 ,  Lilian and I were accepted straight away. First  with Shaldon Theatre Co. I  Painted scenery for 18 years. Made a Life member.  Lilian made some costumes  before she passed away in  1990, a new life for  Me.  Joined Teignmouth Art Society 1987. latter R.A.F. Association.  The Twinners. 1992-3. From Twinners and Teignmouth Art Society was a founder member of Teignmouth International Art Forum.  Regular visits to France.  Taking first society exhibits to Perros-Guirec 1999, formation Teignmouth International Art Forum 2002. Did some early work on conversion of Swanson’s   garage to T.A.A.G. Which has now grown to a very successful gallery.  Exhibited Devon,  St. Ives, Harrogate, France. 

A great honour has been given me, to be a  Life Member, and President of Teignmouth Art Society.


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Martin Dutton Retrospective
to Jul 12

Martin Dutton Retrospective


This solo exhibition of around one hundred paintings represents sixty-four years of Martin Dutton’s work from Art School days to the present. Martin’s mastery of colour and surface texture, underpinned by strong compositional organisation, and skilful technique can be seen throughout this varied exhibition.

Including a selection of paintings that will appeal to those with both traditional and modern tastes, the exhibition traces the development of Martin's work through its evolution into his ‘Thematic’ approach.

The themes extend from in situ realist paintings, based on his extensive travels, to Intuitive Abstract paintings created in his studio and often evolved from a deep understanding of the subjects he has been immersed in whilst painting in situ. His abstract paintings are often intriguingly complex, and their visual poetry is gradually revealed as the viewer’s eyes explore the image.

Following art school in Stafford and Leicester, Martin continued as a practising artist alongside his long career in teaching,culminating in his role as Head of Department at Bradford College. Since moving to Devon he was elected as a member of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Art in 2008. He has been Vice President of Devon Art Society, President of Teignmouth Art Society for ten years and a Committee member of Torbay Guild of Artists for many years. 

Martin's work is included in collections both in the UK and abroad.

His frank illustrated autobiography ‘Parallel Themes’, which celebrates his eightieth year, will also be available at the exhibition. A free copy of the book will be included with any painting purchased. (Limited to one copy per customer during the exhibition only).


Martin Dutton poster.jpg
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Kingskerswell Art Group Exhibition
to Jun 28

Kingskerswell Art Group Exhibition

Some of the artists taking part (click on image to enlarge)

Jan White - love of the British coast and passionate about capturing local scenes and wildlife within it inspires my watercolour paintings. (Jan has also published a delightful book - Seven Bays in Seven Days

Yvonne Grylls - this is to caption the attached photo. Yvonne Grylls putting the final touches to her painting of Teign Street Teignmouth where she was born and bred. She has fond memories of buying 3 old pennies worth of scribbles from the fish and chip shop!

Patricia Wares - after moving from Brighton and retiring from nursing found a new life of painting - especially mixed media (with a bit of glitter!) She recently produced a series of step by step paintings using Pebeo acrylic paints for a feature in "Paint" magazine. (photo of mixed media female)

Vera Whiting - been painting and drawing and crafting as long as she can remember and worked in various aspects including training as an architectural draughtsman. (Photo of handcrafted flower fairies)

Tony Hardy

Poster for TAAG single .jpg
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Distract 2019 - Sandra Lissenden and Chantal Ashwell
to Jun 28

Distract 2019 - Sandra Lissenden and Chantal Ashwell

Distract 3

An exhibition of contemporary and abstract artworks created by Sandra Lissenden and Chantal Ashwell.

Sandra’s contemporary impressionist paintings reflect her joy of travel and the emotions felt as she observes her surroundings. Her distinctive use of colour - influenced by an appreciation of Hockney and Turner - together with sensitive regard for mixing and blending make works fresh and thought provoking. Having investigated different methods over the years she works variously in mixed media, watercolour and acrylic and enjoys the challenge of experimentation.

Chantal’s abstract work is motivated by an intrigue in natural elements with the creation of pictures and designs which are distanced from representational reality. By painting what the eye doesn’t immediately see she hopes to offer an alternative comment on the essence of a subject and to capture the viewer’s imagination. Rhythm, repetition and movement are important in her work as is the use of texture and different finishes.

Sandra Lissenden - Field of Yellow

Sandra Lissenden - Field of Yellow

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to Jun 21

In Nature's Colours

Artists taking part

Clare Jenkinson, Alan Gregory, Chris Pitman, Jayne Farleigh, Elaine Best,
Wendy Dominguez, Jill Derbyshire, Rose Jenkinson, Jenny Day, Ruth Burch

INC 2019 poster.jpg

 Chris Pitman SWAc Associate. 

Chris was born in Devon into a sea-faring family, his great-grandfather becoming a well known artist as well as skippering his own sailing trawlers. 

Chris grew up immersed in a working marine environment before undertaking a career in architectural and structural design. However, after ill health forced early retirement he took the opportunity to combine his draughting ability with his creative instincts. 

Working predominantly in oils he aspires to add an emotional and expressive element to capture the atmosphere of special moments in time, inspired by the coast, estuary and moorland of the Westcountry. 

Since returning to Teignmouth Chris has won awards for his art from Teignmouth Art Society, Torbay Guild of Artists, and been a finalist in the SAA Artist of the year 2017 & 2018. 

He has exhibited extensively, most notably at the South West Academy Open exhibitions 2015, 2016 and 2017 and the winners exhibitions of the SAA Artist of the year 2017 & 2018 at the N.E.C. Birmingham. 

He has recently had the honour to be admitted as an Associate of the South West Academy of Fine & Applied Art (SWAc). 

Chris can be found at:- 

Website – www.christopherpitman.co.uk 

Facebook – Chris Pitman Art 

Instagram – Chris Pitman_art 


Elaine Best

Painting is the best and most intriguing of activities and I continue to love the journey 

I started in 2004 when I retired.

I have settled on oils as my preferred medium and mostly paint with pallet knives, fingers, rags and, occasionally, brushes.  My boundaries and bold style are continually evolving and I am currently moving more into abstraction.  

I exhibit locally, including Devon Open Studios and have had work hung in several of The South West Academy Open Exhibitions.  In addition to the UK I have sold work in South Africa, Cyprus and the United States.

Jenny Day

From an early age I have been captivated by the natural world, and drawing and painting have been a constant joy and companion in my life.

I am inspired and fascinated by the colour, shapes and rhythms of landscapes and flowers, which I interpret with an often intense and vivid palette. My application of paint can be quite free and generous if I am using a palette knife, but I also like to produce a softer more flowing sensation using a mixture of brush and rag to apply and work in thin sequential layers. 

I am also a printmaker and currently working on local scenes of Dartmoor and South Devon in linocut. I have twice travelled to printmaking workshops in Florence where I have worked in waterless lithography and etching. 

I am a member of Teignmouth Art Society, and Topsham and Kenton Art Groups. I have taken part in a number of TAS exhibitions, as well as exhibited with “Flying Colours” at the Spanish Barn in Torquay in 2014, with “Botanical Inspirations” at RAMM, Exeter in 2016, with “In Nature’s Colours” at TAAG,Teignmouth, in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, 2018, with Sarah Morris’s printmaking group at TAAG in 2016, 2017,2018, and 2019,with the Teignwich Village Artists at TAAG in 2017,2018 and 2019. 

Rose Jenkinson                                                                                          

 I am currently studying Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton and I have started to specialise in mono-printing. 

My deep interest in Fine Art Printmaking developed from my Foundation course at Totnes as I was able to really explore how vast the printmaking spectrum can be. The way in which printmakers envision their work involves thinking in layers and not dismissing anything that could be used to print with which is what heightened my interest. 

Currently in my work collage has been a crucial element as I am now unable to create textures, forms and shapes without then cutting them up and further re-arranging them into multiple compositions and structures. It is now a natural part of image making for me to create a series of images that explore a variety of marks, textures and lines which then are used in conjunction with one another through extensive layers. 

However recently my course has allowed me to explore the 3D world of art with using a range of materials to develop an interest in the manipulation of formal elements of art and design so they can produce abstract forms containing a variety of texture.

In this exhibition you are viewing 3 ideas running alongside each other; Variation, Fluidity in the Inanimate and Using Surface to Define Space. They all share similar qualities in texture, composition layouts and printing methods however they all support different outcomes and therefore need their own conclusion to suit each of the concepts behind them. Variation explores my deep interest in mono printing itself and how each print can show subtle yet intriguing new textures, shapes and patterns. It allows me to explore the viewer as a concept; they are somewhat overwhelmed by the mass of seemingly similar prints yet can be surprised and excited by the differences in their appearance when looking closer into the work. Fluidity in the Inanimate displays how an object of such stillness can also portray a fluency purely through light and shadow. It creates a playfulness in the object and therefore brings energy to the inanimate image/object. Using Surface to Define Space works with the idea of abstraction and how the space around a form is just as important as the work itself. Using the surface in which your work is placed upon to your advantage and making the space it is set in crucial to the work itself.

 If you would like to follow my progress please feel free to look at my blog https://wordpress.com/view/rosej699437011.wordpress.comor Instagram Account: Rose_May_Print. Also follow fineartprintmaking_uob for the best of Fine Art Printing Students in Brighton. 

Clare Jenkinson

My paintings and drawings are inspired by nature - I love fine detail in plants and natural objects, and paint collections of shells, flowers, insects and fungi, using watercolour.   I trained and work as a carpet designer, drawing on my botanical work for inspiration.

Being a designer also influences my paintings as I look for patterns in colour and shape, sometimes grouping objects together for their colour, sometimes because they all come from the same walk along the beach.

Recent inspiration has come from the beautiful plants at Teignmouth Orangery, a hidden treasure in the town worth seeking out. 

Exhibitions include ‘Botanical Inspirations’ at RAMM, Exeter, SWAc Open at Exeter Castle, ‘The Power of Three’ at Artizan in Torquay , Open exhibitions at Harbour House in Kingsbridge, ‘Tor to Shore’ at Birdwood House,  Devon Open Studios at TAAG in Teignmouth, and I was very excited to have a painting accepted in the Society of Botanical Artists 2019 ‘Plantae’ exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.

Clare exhibits regularly in Teignmouth where she is now based, at the TAAG centre and with Teignmouth Art Society.  

Her work is also represented online on Torbay arthub, Art Gallery SW and her own website: clarejenkinson.co.uk

Jane Farleigh

I have always been a creative person, heavily influenced by my father who is a skilled model engineer. He would sit and draw with me and my siblings for hours. 

I was born in Watford and my family and I moved to Buckfast in Devon when I was ten. After A level art I went into retail for some years and used my artistic side in window dressing.

Over the last eleven years I have been developing my painting style in my own studio here in Devon.

Since moving to Exeter 19 years ago I have been in love with the Exe Estuary.  This is my place to go to and unwind from a busy life.  When I paint the estuary I feel peace. 

Another recent direction I have gone in with my work is to paint street scenes.  I love to people watch! For me these paintings are all about the effect of light and shadow and a sense that I am capturing a fleeting moment in history, a small interaction between people and places that will long outlive the moment I was there.

I regularly exhibit and sell my work at local art groups and I am a member of the Wildlife Art Society International based in Gloucester where I exhibit yearly.

I also run workshops and demonstrate my work here in Devon.

I sell my work through local galleries including the South Gate Gallery in Exeter, and online internationally.

This year I am proud to say that I have been selected  to show my work at the Doddiscombleigh Art show in October.  This show only runs every two years.  It is a prestigious show that has a high number of entries.

Website: www.jaynefarleigh.co.uk

Email: jaynefarleigh@gmail.com.      Tel: 07402 242889

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Sandancers north to south
to Jun 14

Sandancers north to south

Taag Poster -2.jpeg

Steve Bowden

Proud to be born ‘Sandancer’ on Tyneside Steve moved to Devon in 1975 where he currently lives and works.

Steve’s images are loose and painterly ian execution and he constantly utilises new styles and techniques to keep his work fresh. A self taught artist, he has a background in graphic design which has given him a unique understanding of the relationship between colour and emotion.

Although aware of scale and perspective Steve prefers to produce a pleasing image and uses his locations purely for inspiration and a reference point. His work captures the essence and feeling of a. place and often disregards the natural order of things.

Steve uses a kayak in order to get views that would be otherwise impossible, this can be seen in ‘Above Sharpham’. This was taken from a viewpoint in the middle of the river Dart.

“Harbours and Seascapes feature heavily in my work but, like all artists I find inspiration in. many places. I’ve always lived by the coast, my hobbies include kayaking and bodyboarding.
Beaches and harbours have been a part of everyday life. I have a real fondness for Cornwall, Penwith in particular. I know it’s a cliche but the light really is something else.

In 2012 while visiting a gallery in Mousehole Steve met Judy Joel and was delighted to be invited to join ABNA, the Association of Natural British Artists.

In 2014 he began being represented by DeMonfort Fine Art and found his work hanging in beautiful galleries nationwide at the same time building a strong following of collectors both home and abroad.

2018 Finalit in Devon Life Landscape artist of the year.


Ken Irvin, painter 

Ken Irvin is an artist painting in oils, watercolour and pastel. His work is based on reality, but he is not a photographic realist, he is more concerned that the image produced is about the impression created by the sensations of light and atmosphere. 

 “My paintings are my representations of real places and people in a specific time and place. Much of the reality is filtered out or given an exaggerated importance. The subject is still there in my paintings and drawings but the image is my interpretation of what I see before me. It is an equivalent image. There is no pretension; it is what it is, an arrangement of marks on paper or canvas.”

 “As I paint I usually have a very clear idea of how the finished painting will look when it is finished this is certainly true when working directly from the figure or a landscape. However, with other paintings I will start with the germ of an idea, perhaps based on a sketch, a photograph and/or the memory of an event, and I will just let it happen as I respond to the paint and explore the idea. Often I will build layers of paint as the picture grows. This process can take some time; weeks, months or even years and so I will usually work on several pieces at the same time and allow them to cross pollinate each other.” 

 Ken’s subjects are many and varied but he takes great joy and finds rich inspiration in the landscapes and seascapes of the beautiful south west of England where he lives. In particular the coast of Devon and Cornwall provides an extensive source of material. He also enjoys the demanding discipline of drawing and painting portraits as well as the human figure and for Ken this is about capturing the individual and expressive character of the individual rather than creating a photographic representation. 

 Ken has work in private collections throughout the world and following the success of his recent solo exhibition he is currently planning his next exhibition. 


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to Jun 7

Another Splash of Colour


Three old friends are coming together again to show their very different artistic skills in an exhibition at TAAG in Teignmouth. Ced Bell, Marilyn Murch and Sally Anderson have known each other for many years and decided to share the exhibition space again from 1st - 7th June. Yet again their work will feature a strong use of colour.

Ced is an accomplished painter and printmaker producing abstract and representatial images of a high

standard. Marilyn is a printmaker who often uses stitching to add texture or her mono prints as well as

producing fabulous linocuts,woodcuts and monoprints .

Sally is a painter well known for her seaside images often painted on driftwood. She is also a children's author and she will have some of her Bertie books on sale along side

her exhibited pieces. You might be lucky enough to meet Bertie as he will be visiting the gallery during this week. The three artists will be demonstrating some of their skills so come along and see what they’re currently working on. Marilyn and Sally grew up in Teignmouth. Ced has had close ties with the town since he married local girl Viv, after they had left college. The three of them are excited to be exhibiting again in our lovely town and in TAAG which has proved to be such an important centre for the arts and the community.

Marilyn Murch

Ced Bell

Sally Anderson

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Newton Abbot Art Group - Spring Exhibition
to May 31

Newton Abbot Art Group - Spring Exhibition


After an exciting and busy 2018 Newton Abbot Art Group are again delighted to be holding our Spring Art Exhibition at TAAG.

Over the past year members of the Group have been kept very busy. They held 3 very different exhibitions last year, plus ran a lively outdoor sketching group that visited Dawlish Warren, the gardens at Trago Mills, Torre Abbey Gardens, the gardens and sea front in Teignmouth as well as several trips discovering the ‘hidden Newton Abbot’. A series of all-day workshops throughout the year has also inspired our artists, and encouraged our members to widen their horizons and try new styles and media.

All of this activity is reflected in this exhibition where Newton Abbot Art Group are exhibiting paintings, sculptures and ceramics from around 20 artists in a variety of styles.

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Moors and More
to May 17

Moors and More


An exhibition featuring the work of

Wendy Hayden-Sadler

Tony Homer

Anne Baker

David Baker

WHS Popster A.jpg
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All Seasons - Arts and Crafts Exhibition
to May 17

All Seasons - Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Artists exhibiting: Fay and Tony Berry, Julia Hallet, Nicolette Dann, Faith Rose, Margaret Sheppard and Mike Sherlock

All Seasons.jpg
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Colour Me Happy
to May 10

Colour Me Happy


A solo exhibition of the work of Migglet

An ex-professional dancer and self-taught artist, I love to create movement and emotion in my artwork.

I moved to Devon almost 5 years ago and joined my friendly Bishopsteignton art group to meet some local people. Something arty just clicked and I haven't looked back since! 

The thrill of creating is a rollercoaster of emotions and each piece I work on has it's own character, whether it is a person or an animal I am capturing on my easel.

Dancers, Figures, Portraits and Quirky Animals, I simply cannot decide which I prefer to paint, so I enjoy creating them all!

My quirky animals have more than a hint of happy in their crazy little faces, and some are definitely more daft than others. If my work can put a smile on someone's face, that always makes me do the happy dance! 

I am a member of the Devon Artists Network, recently joined the Torbay Guild of Artists, and I was absolutely thrilled to have recently won 'Best Painting in Show' at the Spanish Barn Exhibition, Torre Abbey for my painting of a dancer titled 'Reverie'

My husband is incredibly supportive and together we launched my website migglet.co.uk in August 2018. I had no idea how much work would be involved even though my 'HIM' did warn me and we continue to update and add to my site as I create new work, which is pretty often so I really do have a job keeping up with myself!

I work in a variety of mediums from watercolour and inks to pastels and acrylics and use a riot of colour at times, but also adore the simplicity of monochrome which can simply 'say' so much.

You will find me, ArtyMigglet on Facebook & Instagram and of course on my site migglet.co.uk

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John Jones - Exhibition
to May 10

John Jones - Exhibition


JOHN JONES - was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1950

Currently he resides in Devon.

John has exhibited his work at Chenil Gallery, Kings Road Chelsea. In 1984 he was the resident artist at Bickleigh Mill in Devon.

He attends annual festivals in Catalunya where his work is very well received.

John’s works have sold in Australia, USA and Europe.

His previous projects include theatre design and musical and dramatic theatre,

John’s other interests are photography and writing.

He is now bringing his work to the TAAG Galleries for the first time.

John Jones Poster.jpg
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Dawlish Art Group - Spring Exhibition
to May 3

Dawlish Art Group - Spring Exhibition

Details of our group

Dawlish Art Group was started 47 years ago by a small number of people who met to paint together in each other's homes. We are now a diverse group of 34 artists who meet weekly during term time at St Mary's Hall, Dawlish Warren. There is a varied programme which includes workshops, critiques and demonstrations by professional artists. Our members also enjoy working on their own paintings and sharing ideas, tips and techniques with each other in a lively friendly atmosphere.

Details of our Exhibition

Dawlish Art Group are delighted to be holding our Spring Exhibition at TAAG from Saturday 27th April - Friday 3rd May. Fifteen artists using oils, acrylics, watercolour, pastel and mixed media will be exhibiting their work. Subjects will include original landscapes, floral, wildlife and abstracts to suit every taste. We would like to welcome you to come and browse in a friendly atmosphere. You might find just the work of art you're looking for.

Artists taking part

Barbara Armstrong, Valerie Anderson, Elizabeth Brown, Brenda Barkwill, Michael Cockram, Margo Crispin, Kath Loram, Denise Mills, Mary Nixon, Jenny Norman, Caz Oinn, Andrew Owen, Clive Robinson, Dennis Vernon, Jeanette Waldron.

Dawlish Art Group.jpg
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TAAG Easter Open Exhibition
to Apr 26

TAAG Easter Open Exhibition

The TAAG Easter Open Exhibition

Artists exhibiting include

Colin Wares, Patricia Wares, Roger Lissenden, Colin Lizius, Avenda Burnell-Walsh
Rob Parrish, Alex Jones, Kwerky Crafts, Jan White, Nicolette Dann, Jackie Colclough
Clare Fowley, Dawn Robinson, Sally Davis, Michelle Greenwood-Brown, Veronica Boniface,
Mike Leaman, Glyn Lupton, Fay Berry, Tony Berry, Keith Bowcock, Catherine Denison
Hermosa - glass, Faith Rose, Christine Price

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Teignwich Village Artists
to Apr 18

Teignwich Village Artists

Artists taking part include

Andy Tapper, Keith Bowcock, Diana Kleyn, Mike Wall, Maxine Adams, Emma Stanley-Clarke, Joyce Boyne, Clare Jenkinson, Jenny Day

Meet the Artists -      2 – 5 pm Sunday 7th

Andy Tapper

Andy Tapper, local born and bred:  I have always been interested in art but only took it up seriously since retiring 5 years ago, I joined the Teignmouth Art Society which has been absolutely invaluable in developing my interest in this absorbing hobby. I tend to try and push my boundaries, applying different styles and techniques and look for subjects that interest me and as diverse as possible so not to get too stuck in a rut .    I find  the freedom and versatility of acrylics together with some inventiveness and experimentation can be fun and rewarding.

Joyce Boyne

I am from a local Teignmouth family and married into another Teignmouth family both having earned their living from the sea and river. My husband has fished out of Teignmouth for the last 54 years; we both enjoy life around the river beach area.

About twenty years ago I joined a “Learn to Paint and Draw class” in Dawlish, I have been practising ever since. I particularly like to draw portraits from a live model; I use watercolour, acrylic and pastels at a regular portrait class.

Recently I have been painting seascapes in acrylic creating texture with the paint and effects by using brushes , pallet knives and any other things to hand for example old tooth brushes, rag, cardboard and feathers.

I have been a member of Teignmouth Art Society for the past nine years and regularly exhibit with the Society.

Keith Bowcock

Diana Kleyn

Maxine Adams

Maxine Adams is a new welcome addition to the Teignwich  Village Artists this year  and we are pleased
to feature her beautiful work.

She is best known for her animal paintings using complimentary colours and tones to create fur and feather textures and luminous eyes.

She considers herself to be an instinctive colourist and we also look forward to seeing her whimsical portrayal of animals such as hares and emus which are particularly popular.

Jenny Day

From an early age I was captivated by the natural world, so that drawing and painting landscapes and flowers has always been my main focus and interest. I paint mainly in oils with an intense and vibrant palette, and a fascination for the interaction of colours. My style can be quite free and impressionistic if I am using a palette knife, but I also like to produce softer flowing sensations, using a mixture of brush and rag to apply and work in thin sequential layers. I am also a printmaker, and currently working on local scenes of Dartmoor and South Devon with linocut.

Emma Stanley-Clarke

Emma started painting 11 year ago after a career in ballet which taught her self motivation and to strive for perfection.

It is important to her to provide visual detail and accuracy of the initial subject.

The sense of order acts as a shield against the unpredictability and lurking chaos of the outside world.

She won the SWAC People’s Choice Award 2017 with her painting of Haytor Quarry and exhibited the painting of Foggintor Quarry at SWAC exhibition in 2018.

Foggin Tor for Comp under 5MB-2.jpg

Clare Jenkinson

Clare is currently working on some paintings based on the movement of waves and the line of the tide, and these images are from a session working on the project on Ness beach.

Clare says “I did get some funny looks!”

Mike Wall

Mike Wall.jpg
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Teignmouth Poetry Festival - Song and Dance Exhibition
to Mar 29

Teignmouth Poetry Festival - Song and Dance Exhibition

From Saturday 16th March, TAAG will host a two-week exhibition of artwork and accompanying poetry.  This will be the 6th consecutive year that Teignmouth Poetry Festival has filled the galleries with collaborative work – the result of many months in which visual artists and poets have focused together on one particular theme.  This year it’s ‘Song & Dance’ – expect vibrant colours, movement, lyricism…

All five previous exhibitions have been spectacularly successful; visitors to Teignmouth, staying in town for the Festival, have been hugely impressed with the quality of work on show and by the Arts Quarter generally.

On the opening night, Sat 16th March, Teignmouth’s own shanty crew, the Back Beach Boyz, will raise the roof in the Festival’s first Fringe event.  And on Saturday 23rd March the Festival itself comes to TAAG when many of the poets involved will read the poems on display; this free event was one of last year’s highlights.

Full details of the Poetry Festival, which is supported by National Lottery funding through Arts Council England and the Town Council, are on the website www.poetryteignmouth.com . Tickets for all Festival events are available from the Teignmouth Pavilions box office.


‘Song & Dance’ is the theme of a two-week exhibition, part of this year’s Teignmouth Poetry Festival.  It opens on March 16th in TAAG’s galleries. 

 The show is the result of a six-month collaboration between 15 invited artists and ten Devon poets.  This format has worked brilliantly in previous years: Festival visitors from all over the UK have been hugely impressed with the quality of work on show, the creative buzz in the Arts Quarter, and with TAAG itself.  

 Festival organisers are keen to promote the TAAG connection: on Sat 23rd March an appreciative audience will pack the galleries as poets perform the written work which accompanies each exhibit.  In some cases the poets have written to the artwork, in others it is the artists who have responded to particular pieces of poetry. There are guest writers too: several of the best-known names in British poetry have contributed work on the ‘Song & Dance’ theme and have been invited to read at this free and unticketed event.

 A week earlier, on Sat 16th March, a Fringe event will prove that you can’t have ‘Song & Dance’ without music: Teignmouth’s own shanty crew, the Back Beach Boyz, will raise the roof at the exhibition’s opening party.    

 Joint curators Virginia Griem and Graham Burchell are both artists as well as successful poets.  Graham is confident the visual art will have it’s own immediate impact on visitors.  He says, “At previous exhibitions with this format we’ve noticed that people stay in the gallery much longer than usual.  Taking time to read the poetry alongside the images and sculptures deepens  the experience.”

 And this year could be the brightest and liveliest exhibition yet.  ‘Song & Dance’ has inspired images and artifacts ranging from flamenco to ballet via a Ska band, caged songbirds, home-made clogs and sheet music.  The poets, presented with this visual cornucopia, have responded with imaginative leaps: the singing of overhead cables in the wind, village dancers in a Breugel painting, a girl in a zoetrope...  The result will be an enthralling show of colour and movement. 

 Full details of the Poetry Festival, which is supported by the Town Council  and Arts Council England, are in the 12-page brochure available in TAAG and many town outlets.  It can also be downloaded from  www.poetryteignmouth.com.  Tickets for all events are available from Teignmouth Pavilions box office.

 The Artists: Rachael Bennett, Jane Branch, Roger Dennis, Liz Diamond, Anne Doggett, Rose Ensor, Alan Gregory, Virginia Griem, Angela Holmes, Tony Homer, Claire Jenkinson, Migglet, Shan Roberts, Jacqui Thomson, Avenda Burnell Walsh

 The Poets: Veronica Aaronson, Helen Boyles, Graham Burchell, Ian Royce Chamberlain, Roger Dennis, Liz Diamond, Virginia Griem, Jean Grimsey, Jennie Osborne, Marc Woodward.

 Guest Poets include: Roger McGough, Fiona Benson, Martin Figura, Kim Moore, Brian Patten, John Greening, Gill McEvoy and others.

Click image to enlarge..

Poetry Cover.jpg
poster song and dance2.jpg

Saturday 16 March to Friday 29 March

Art inspired by Poetry / poetry inspired by Art

Exhibition on a theme of ‘Song &d Dance’

Saturday 16 March - 6.00 - 8.00pm

Song & Dance Exhibition launch including songs of the sea from the Back Beach Boyz

Saturday 23 March 4:30 - 5:30pm

Reading - Art and Poetry - Song & Dance’

This informal reading was a highlight of last year’s Festival.

Many voices - some well known, others less so - will speak from all corners of the galleries, confronting or conversing with over 40 artworks on display. Collaborating on a theme of ‘Song & Dance’ an invited group of visual artists and poets have ben working towards the Festival’s own exhibition. Artists have responded to new poems donated by our Festival guest poets and others, and thge invited poets have been writing to new work, both 2D and 3D, from the artists. Be prepared for an hour of sheer delight.

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Multimedia Art Show
to Mar 15

Multimedia Art Show

Screenshot 2019-01-15 at 23.17.49.png

Catherine Kennedy

Artist Statement

The strong tides and rough seas of the Devon coastline inspire my work. These large waves have influence a series of oil paintings started 5 years ago that have amounted to 47 so far. The rivers around Dartmoor and long exposure photographic images of water have influence another series of paintings started recently. I am interested in looking at the way images are altered using this photographic technique and like the idea of taking it to another medium and exploring the results.

Following the initial painting and drying process I applying glazes of oil paint to further enrich the surface of my work. I may go back to a canvas on several occasions over a period of time until I am completely satisfied with the texture and depth of colour in the finished painting.

Born in Buckinghamshire, I move to Devon 14 years ago and am now based in Teignmouth, Devon. I visited the Torbay area on a regular basis as I child and the coastal imagery I encountered influenced my work. Painting from an early age it wasn’t until I reached my mid 30’s that I went to art school, graduating