TAAG is fully booked until Christmas 2019 apart from the dates listed below

 Artists please apply NOW for the following exhibitions

Open exhibitions - apply direct to info@teignmoutharts.org

More Information below or on TAAG Website www.teignmouthart.org


Before 8th January - Apply for Open Studiosat TAAG - 7 studios installations available from 6th- 27th September. Open to all artists. Supported by TAAG   More Details below 

Sunday January 13th - Teignmouth International Art Forum(TIAF) AGM at TAAG 5.00pm – Come and learn more about exhibiting in France. Add International exhibiting to your CV- Applications by February 17thMore Details below 

19th - 25th January - One week Open exhibition - ‘The Natural World’- Exhibition Fee £10 per artist

19th January- February 1st - Two weeks Open Exhibition - Birds, Bees and Flowers’- Exhibition Fee £10 per artist


2nd - 8th February - Spring Cleaning in gallery 2 and workshops- Volunteers welcome 

2nd- 9th March – Mad March Open Exhibition- Fee £10 per artist – anything goes

30th March - April 5th More Details below 


Working to an environmental theme for Earth Hour 2d, 3d and Installation 

20% - Commission Taken - Selling not necessary

19th - 28th Easter Open Exhibition  More Details below  

Biennale in Perros Guirec - April 29th May-11th 
4th -10th May – Gallery 1 available for artist booking

 August– Some places available - Please apply

3rd-16th August Summer Open – info@teignmoutharts.org

17th August to 4th September - Inside TRAIL Recycled Art - Information on www.trailart.co.uk

General Opportunities - open to all

Community Exhibition  - 5th-18th January 

Old Pictures for New Homes (OPNH) 9th - 22th February  More Details below 


Biennale Internationale
 des Arts et de la Culture 
29 Avrile au 9 Mai 2019 PERROS-GUIREC


*All correspondence to: Liz Lockyear - TAAG Arts and Community Centre, 4/5 Northumberland place, Teignmouth TQ14 8DD  email info@teignmoutharts.org
Exhibition Conditions
The sizes quoted below include the frame. 
The work presented for the exhibition in Perros Guirec must be the same as that declared on the registration form andmust be the artist’s own, original work.
Framed 2D- Paintings in any medium, engravings, drawings, photographs etc.
SizeTransporting FeeStandard 75 cm x 65 cm (max)£5 eachLarge Please contact LizUp to 6 Miniature 15cmx 15cm£1 each

3D Sculpture and ceramics etc.
Small 30cms x 30cms£5 eachLargePlease contact LizMiniatures 12cms x12cms x12cms£1 each

*There is an additional handling charge of £3 for each exhibitor*
Number of Exhibits:   Each artist can exhibit 2-3 pieces ofwork in the category of his/her choice in the ‘standard’ section or sixin the ‘miniature’ section.  Due to transport restrictions large works have to be discussed. 

*There will be 50xTQ14 artworks exhibited in Perros-Guirec so artists might be limited to 2 pieces if exhibition is over subscribed.
Stage 1.Submitting images for Selection–Apply between Now andFebruary 17th   
1.Please send your images toinfo@teignmoutharts.org  digitallyas 1-2 megabytes jpg
2.Labeleach image filewith artistnameandtitle of work. In email state title, media and size

*Only if necessary, sendor hand deliverthem to TAAG as postcard sized prints with your name, size, mediaand the title of the work on the back of each print.  Your photos will be used to plan the exhibition layout, be used on website and may appear in the catalogue, so ensure that they are clearly recognisable undistorted representations of your work.
Stage 2. Confirmation/paymentforms
1.     When you are informed which artworks have been selected please complete the Confirmation form byFriday1stMarch 2019 as information has to be collated by TIAF team and be sent to Perros- Guirec to process
2.     Either return by email and BACS fee to TAAG Community Interest Company, Lloyds Bank Newton Abbot (308467)Branch Sort code 30-84-67 Account no. 28976568 (Ref: TIAF19 + name or initials)
3.     Or send/hand deliver form to TAAG for the attention ofLiz Lockyear with the appropriate registration fee (cheques payable to TIAF)
Stage 3. When the forms and fee have been received you will be sent a deposit/delivery form by email. This form will need to be completed and brought with your work on the delivery date. Thiswill be signed by the receiver of your work at TAAG butkept by you and brought with you when you collect any unsold work.
Framing and packaging:  
1. All pictures must be framed, with sturdy stretched picture-cord affixed to flat D-ringfastenings (not screw-in eyelets which stick out and can cause damage).
2. Pictures should be clearly labelled on the back, sculptures under the base, with the artist’s name, address, title of workand price in (euros).  
3. Please use ‘stiffy bags’ or similar to wrap your artwork; they give better protection and make it 
easier for the‘officials’ to unpack and repack your pictures (www.stiffybag.com).  
4. Pleaselabel each package with you name and the number of works enclosed.  Miniatures should 
be boxed/packed together.
It is assumed that all works are for sale at the price indicatedin euros. Commission on all sales:  20%.
Insurance:   Works will be insured while on display at Perros-Guirec, but the organisers take no responsibility for loss, theft, damage by fire or accidents during transportation to or from the exhibition. Artists are advised to take out a personal insurance policy, if they are concerned about this.
Delivery and collection of work
Please deliveryour work toTAAG Arts and Community Centre onSunday 22ndApril 2019between 10 am and 1pm(or by arrangement if these times are impossible).  
Collect unsold work onSunday12thMay 2019,between 10 am and 1pm(or by arrangement if these times are impossible).  
Contact Liz Lockyear - TAAG Arts and Community Centre,
 4/5 Northumberland place, Teignmouth TQ14 8DD

Mob. 07753816399 Tel. 01626 779251 or  e-mail info@teinmoutharts.org

In response to Earth Hour 2019
at TAAG from Friday 30th March to Friday 5th April 2019

‘Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement uniting people to protect the planet
and is organised by WWF engaging a massive mainstream community on a broad range of
environmental issues. Earth Hour was famously started as a light-off event in Sydney
Australia in 2007. Since then it has grown to engage more than 7000 cities and towns
worldwide, and the one-hour event continues to remain the key driver of the now
larger movement.’ (see www.earthhour.org)
Earth Hour 2019 falls on Saturday 30th March and in Teignmouth we are exploring
‘water’ from every angle we can imagine.

Screenshot 2018-12-31 at 00.07.50.png

TAAG will be hosting an exhibition to which we invite contributions from artists. The exhibition will run from the Saturday 30th March to Friday 5th April and Exhibits will be hung on Friday 29th March with the private view on Saturday 30th from 6pm. This is followed at 7.30pm by a talk and a supper by lantern light.

There is no charge to artists to exhibit with just a 20% commission on sales to help cover costs.

All the water in the world, including sea water, would form a sphere 1,391 km across.
 ©Adam Nieman

The exhibition is mixing art and science show casing how the two work together to
inform and inspire. There will be an interactive/informative element to the exhibition
which may appeal to some; we are interested in all ways you want to express a
connection to water.

You might consider:
Beside water/on the water/under water/flowing water/waves/drops/falling water/
frozen water/drinking water/bath water/showers/bottled water/lack of water/drought!
Hot springs/cold springs/flooding water/polluted water/water fountains/holding water/
leaking water/boiling water/steam!
What is water? In what ways does it sustain us? (Body and soul) What is happening to our
water? Dig deep and reach high!

Please send a description and a picture or drawing of your exhibit giving all relevant
details to: taagposters@gmail.com and title your email Earth Hour 2019: Exhibit. We will
need to have received details of your exhibit by 22nd February.

I will pick up your emails off the TAAG computer.

If you would like to contact me directly and get a faster reply to any queries you can do so at marylidgate@gmail.com