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Aquarius - TAAG Exhibition

Aquarius is the sign of the water carrier so this exhibition has a water theme – entries could include seascapes, astrology, rain and more
Dates: January 20th  until February 2nd

Artists taking part.  (click image to enlarge)

Colin Lizius

Ann Lunn

I started painting when I moved to Dawlish fifteen years ago. I began sketching our grandchildren then had a go at painting them and loved it!

Soon moved on to other subjects

Now I’m painting in various styles and mediums and the canvases are getting bigger and bigger!

Virginia Griem

I am a potter, a painter and a poet, holding City and Guilds in both drawing and landscape painting. I live in Kingsteignton, but am originally from Buckinghamshire.  My father was an architect and an accomplished artist so art is in my blood.  I have always loved making and painting and now that I have retired from the newspaper industry am enjoying the freedom and time to create.  I am secretary of the Newton Abbot Art Group, and actively involved in the Teignmouth Poetry Festival which takes place every year in March.

Rob Smith

Jane Ripley

Brian Cracknell

Jenny Jenkins

Liz Diamond

Jacqueline Thompson

I have lived in the South West since moving from Leicestershire, with my husband, in 2009. Until I retired, I worked for most of my life in the fashion industry, enjoying many years in fashion design and pattern technology.

My love for painting in all it's forms started when I was around 6 years old, only taking a back seat while I was bringing up my son and holding down a full-time job. I had wanted to go to art college after school, but my parents couldn't afford for me to attend, so I put that idea aside. 

Although I didn't paint often during those years, I still kept some form of painting in the background, for when I had a spare few hours. I now paint in most mediums, according to the most sympathetic approach for the subject in hand, and sometimes just because I find a certain medium exciting - such as Cold Wax Medium with oil pigment, or exploring acrylic abstracts.

My retirement has enabled me to give far more time to my art work, and living in Buckfastleigh exposed to the inspiring Devon countryside, moorlands, woodlands and coast, I feel I could paint forever and still not cover everything that delights me. Perhaps that is why my painting style tends more towards spontaneity, and capturing the emotional response to the subject.

I'm looking forward to the next 10 years, and seeing how my painting develops further, making up for all those years, when painting was literally just a dream.

Michelle Greenwood-Brown

Margaret Sheppard


Later Event: February 3
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