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Arts and Crafts Autumn Exhibition

The group consists of 9 exhibitors from Newton Abbot, Teignmouth and Torquay coming together in the Main Gallery at TAAG November 10-16.

This exhibition is a eclectic mix of Art and Crafts- paintings, pottery, wood carvings, textiles and interesting bird boxes.

The artists hope to delight their visitors with affordable and one off, original items.

Exhibitors are 

Jan Newton - pottery paintings

Virginia Griem - paintings pottery 

Jacqui Thompson -paintings

Brett Miller-Pottery 

Pat Tout- paintings 

Fernly Tout- small woodwork

Kathie Weedon - Pottery 

Keith Williams - bird houses

Paula Williams- Arts and Crafts

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Jan Newton

I have worn many hats during my journey through life. My sewing machine was my best friend for many years as I love texture and colour so I made my own clothes and domestic items i.e. curtains

Then I started repairing Antique Dolls and Old Teddy Bears which led me to creating and making Collectors Bears for adults for over 10 year. I won a few awards nationally for the bears. At this time I also wrote articles for a monthly Bear Magazine. I also helped in the family Antique business.

I then turned my hand to painting which opened up a whole new world to me, creating mainly in watercolour.

Currently I am wearing a potters hat and have discovered clay, kilns and glazes. I am 3D again as I enjoy slab building as opposed to the wheel. I create and make mostly animal figures in pottery which have found homes al over England.

Virginia Griem

will be exhibiting both paintings and hand built pots. " I have been painting for many years, but in recently my painting has become much more experimental. When I work with clay I feel that the clay often shows me what shape it wants to be, and of course I don't know how the final piece will look until it comes out of the kiln.   I have been trying to have a similar relationship with paint, a sort of conversation.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes I don't know what a painting is going to look like, or what the subject is, until I have worked on it over various sessions.  I find this way of working very exciting."  Most of the paintings on show will be acrylics, but Virginia also works in watercolour and ink, as well as stoneware ceramics.

Brett Miller

Pat Tout

Fernly Tout

Keith and Paula Williams

Keith and Paula retired a few years ago and now spend time on doing what they really enjoy.

While Keith spends time in his shed making and designing in wood Paula loves to try lots of media, from watercolours to felt crafts, and lots more.

They have lived in Torquay all their married life (nearly 42 years) and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

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