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Within the Frame - Six personal visions

Artists exhibiting

Ursula Andrejczuk - Painter - Oils

Ursula paints many of her pictures outdoors so her studio is quite compact and has to fit into a backpack. She takes it to her favourite spots, like Dawlish Warren Nature Reserve in autumn, heathland and woods above Dawlish and Dartmoor with its beautiful rivers. 

She works mostly in alla prima technique, which means finishing a picture in one session finding this way of painting exciting, engaging and at times unpredictable – especially when there are interruptions like a herd of curious cows, sudden rain or a change in light conditions. When the easel is set up and secured she starts with pencil thumbnail sketches of the subject, testing various points of view and establishing major elements of the composition. Then she draws with a brush and applies washes of diluted oil paint to block main colours and shapes.  Using thicker paint, she continues to work on pattern of lights and colour harmony, while adjusting the shapes and edges. 

Richard Berry - Painter in Watercolours and Oils

After moving from Shaldon to Ashburton in the middle 1970s, I first started to paint in 1985. To begin with I only used watercolours, but over the years l have also worked with oils and pastels, and many of my later paintings have been produced using mixed media.

My preferred subjects are landscapes, and a lot of my works have been inspired by living on the edge of Dartmoor. I enjoy painting the moorland and I especially enjoy painting the River Dart. I love to focus on the river banks covered in trees, the reflections in the water and the dramatic effects of the seasons on the landscape.

Further from home, on visits to France I have also been inspired to paint similar landscapes that I’ve come across there, such as the Loire River and the harbour in Honfleur. I have exhibited and sold paintings in both England and France, as there is a market for them in both countries.

Rosemary Waine -Silk Painter

Rosie has been working in the south west for some time working on silk painting referencing her local environment which includes south Devon. Her recent work on Dartmoor shows her versatility to evoke mood and atmosphere within this complex media.

She is a member of the Dartmoor artists group thar exhibited every year in Ashburton.

Her work in this exhibition uses complex techniques achieving outstanding visual effects within the compositions she designs.

An evocation of place and the transient quality of weather and light come together forming an evocation of surface, texture, colour and for

Mike Neal - Painter, garden architect, teacher, lecturer and Printmaker

Mike was born in Wolverhampton and tended the art college there completing a degree in Fine Art.

He also attended Birmingham art college at Margret street under the Tutor Arthur Hughes who was an inspirational art tutor during the one year PGCE course.

Mike went on to teach art and design and also developed his interest in garden design.

He also continues to explore lino printmaking producing outstanding multi coloured prints.

His paintings in oil and watercolour play with contemporary themes of cubism and abstraction retaining a strong link to observation. Within his work you can see a subtle play of light, shade and composition often including humorous references to objects and landscape that play with form and content.

 He has kindly agreed to exhibit with us this year and his work will inspire us all.

Anne Reed

Tony Homer - Painter in Acrylics and Printmaker

Painter and printmaker based in Devon. My work uses local landscapes, buildings and the sea. I use these elements as a starting point for my paintings and prints. 

I like to use sketchbooks to collect information and drawing from observation is integral to my work. These studies help me with compositions, colour, form and pattern, which evolve through mark making with pencils, pens and brushes.

Working outside is important to me as I get my best ideas from things that happen around me. Developing an abstracted and stylized composition are my main concerns and these form an important part of the focus of my work. 

Back in the studio I will use these early studies to develop my ideas for paintings. Working on three or four paintings at the same time ideas gradually come together and can often result in abstraction. 

Tony Homer 2018 poster.jpg