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Teign Artists Exhibition 

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Artists taking part

Josie Gould, Ray Vyse, Patricia Ferns, Alison Jagger Cane, Petra Lewin, Elizabeth Rashley
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Josie Gould

Josie is interested in the feeling of being in nature and paints en plain air on Dartmoor and the coast throughout the year. Immersing herself in the local wild places enables her to catch the fleeting sensory qualities of light and colour that most affect and move her.

Josie uses mixed media and whatever is at hand to evoke poetic memories of land and sea. In reclaiming a sensual, contemplative nature through awareness of the ebb and flow of the world, her aim is to invite others to reconnect with mystical experiences of peacefulness, well-being and the exuberance of natural vitality. 

Josie Gould, with collaborator Jane Ellis, is a finalist in the Devon Life, landscape artist of the year 2018 competition.

BA (Hons) Fine Art, PG Dip: Documentary Photography, MA Fine Art. 

07768 736323 or    Please contact me on:

Ray Vyse

Ray Vyse - Anisotropic Art - In wood

My wall art, made from laminated wood, has been described by exhibition visitors as 'very original', 'unique' and 'extraordinary!' I enjoy exploring, revealing and exploiting the tactile and anisotropic nature of wood and in particular, laminated wood where the grain directions of laminates alternate. Some pieces are 3D constructions while others have relief patterns created by carving and shaping. When the anisotropic properties of the wood are too subtle, I add colour to create more striking directional effects. Recent work combines order and structure with the organic and disorderly.

Ray Vyse - Vysey - Digital Art

I have moved on from my love of photography, in recent years, to use computer graphics to create a variety of stylised images with clean crisp outlines and bold colours. I have also produced various purely abstract images, which I like to see printed up in glossy acrylic format.

Patricia Ferns

I love both bold, bright colours and subtle, gentle washes, depending on the mood and subject matter. I enjoy working on a large scale and exploring or experimenting with variety of medium (acrylic, watercolours, inks, pastels, oil and mixed media.) I am also a silk painter, which probably influences my love of colour and venture into other textiles.

I draw my inspiration from various sources – the body, landscape and nature. I try to convey the energy, texture, movement and effects of light in landscape and simplicity of line in other subjects.

Further enquiries: 07875 091368 or

Alison Jagger Cane

After running my own small business for a few years it is now a great joy to have
the chance to revisit my art/design and make practice. My previous work has been
underpinned by an interest in the mysteries of the brain - specifically consciousness, 
perception and thought.

The notion of merging science, technology and biology played a major role in the
conceptual outcome of my previous art imagery and installation work.This new body
of work is very different for me. It is an experiment in exploring my own consciousness
and validating the results through a series of abstract digital marks to initiate a design.

In art terms you would probably describe it as digital, abstract expressionism
based on personal exploration. The outcome surprisingly reflects a winter landscape
and has features that can be used in my design work.

From this starting point I hope to create a collection which will include wall art, 
sculptural pieces and perhaps some handmade useable items. 

This is new work in progress for me so watch this space!

Contact :

Petra Lewin

I never cease to be amazed by the weird and wonderful interplay of light and colour. The different emotional experiences awakened by the melancholy of flickering shadows and joyous crescendo of bright and dazzling colours.  These are the touchstones that effect my painting and print work.  My initial inspiration may be triggered by a chance event – a thought or a memory.  The journey from thereon takes on a life of its own developing what lies beneath and beyond the initial inspiration. 

Further enquiries:         

Elizabeth Rashley

My name is Elizabeth Rashley and I'm a linocutter. I work from my studio in East Ogwell. I carve out my ideas on lino and print the blocks using a fabulous 1844 Victorian Albion Printing Press. I enjoy the discipline of constructing images within the confines of a rectangular block. I design both monochrome and colour prints. 

My linocuts incorporate bold shapes and flowing lines with a touch of humour.

I produce limited edition linocut prints, bunting and greetings cards. 

As well as being a member of Teign Artists, I am also a member of the Devon Guild Of Craftsmen in Bovey Tracey. If you would like to contact me, you can email on






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