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Elaine Ford - Exhibition

"My current work is an amalgamation of drama, imagination, and memory.  The sea is my initial starting point and touch stone.  The interaction with materials is the way I engage myself with the unconscious/subconscious and actual sea and the concepts of sea.  This, I can feel free to use in whichever direction I choose.  The physical act of pouring and pushing paint around is an intrinsic part of my practice, whereby I lose myself in the materiality of the painting process.  I have a passion for colour and it’s emotive qualities within a painting.  I endeavour to create art that the viewer will respond to on a sub conscious level in a similar way that the power of music can influence and affect our souls.  .

An important value within my life has been 'the dramatic' and is a central thread in everything I become involved  with.  Subsequently, these qualities that I value, have been my guideline for the constituents of my art making within the last three years."

In addition to being an Artist, I have worked as an Equity Registered Stunt Co-ordinator and Performer in Films and Television for 25 years.  The adrenalin rush, energy, and drama is ever-present and feeds into my creative practice.


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