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Paintings by the TEIGN - AGERS

Artists taking part


Gill Michael - Watercolour Animals, Landscapes, Seascapes in quirky colours

Yvonne Grylls - Oils, watercolour, Pebeo, you name it and Yvonne will have tried it.  

Carol Warren - Oils, acrylics, Carol experiments and is always keen to learn something new.  She is at present working on the concept of abstracts.

Ann Beves - Watercolour and acrylic,  Ann has a joyful nature and it comes across in her paintings, which are often comedic animals which can’t help make you smile.

Ann Denning. - Pastel and acrylic paintings often larger than the norm.  Ann paints in a free nature her paintings reflect this.  They verge on the impressionists style.

Yvonne Grylls

Yvonne is an Amateur artist who was born in Teignmouth and attended the Teignmouth Grammar School. She has always enjoyed creating so when she retired she decided to try painting and absolutely has a passion for it.

Watercolour, Acrylic, Waterbased Oils and now experimenting with Pebeo glass paint.. Yvonne has exhibited and sold locally and surrounding areas. She paints Montages of local villages and towns and has been fortunate to have sold to Council Offices for them to send away as gifts for Twinning including Teignmouth. 

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