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The Cause



Poetry at the Cause Exhibition at TAAG - On Tuesday afternoon the exhibition will be supplemented by local poets who will read their poems as a stimulus for discussion. 
The Poets are Liz Diamond, alongside Julie-ann Rowell, Veronica Aaronson, Virginia Griem and Jennie Osboune. They will be reading a mixture of their own poems and others about strong women. 
The poetry reading is at 3pm. 

We also have games loaned to us from Parliamentary Education and outreach. The games are thoroughly enjoyable whilst uncovering a riches of information which got participants into animated discussion on Monday afternoon. 

Everyone is welcome to come and play the games at any time. Groups also welcome.


2018 is the centenary of the very first votes for some women and Dreadnought marks this centenary with a tour of its new play, The Cause, which will be at Teignmouth Pavilions on Wednesday 26th September, 2.30pm and 7.30pm.
T.A.A.G. and Dreadnought South West, who toured Oxygen in 2013 about the women’s suffrage pilgrimage, are collaborating on an exciting week-long event (24th to 28th September) to exhibit and share work in response to the Rebellious Sounds Project and, in particular, to The Cause.
The Cause marks the achievements and different methods of activism of two women leaders from the suffrage campaign, Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett. It explores the impact of a life time of campaigning whilst also looking forward to the present day and where we are now in relationship to gender equality and violence towards women and girls.
Artists have been asked the question ‘What has changed and where are we now?

 The response through art and poetry reflect on these questions and inspires debate in this exciting week long exhibition and series of events.

 Come and see this work that celebrates women's lives, voices and stories.

 The exhibition takes on many causes. Deborah Frish’s metal, restrictive corset sets the scene for Avenda Burnell Walsh’s latest work, ‘Emmeline’ in her series ‘The corsets are off’. Clare Seal follows on the theme with suffragette slogans embroidered into a corset ‘Courage Calls’. The removal of restrictive corsets was a symbol of the suffragettes of their fight for freedom and democratic rights. 

Liz Lockyear has taken the theme from Shakespeare’s ‘A winter’s Tale’ that tells the story of a Queen stripped of her status by her husband consumed by jealousy and fear leading to madness. His abuse of power is centuries old and the result of a patriarchal society that can still poison the relationship between men and women. 

Other events include an EqualiTeas Workshop with Monday 24th at 2pm run by Thomas Williams from the Parliamentary Education and Outreach team. 

 Poet, Jenny Osborne is holding an afternoon of poetry reading and discussion, ‘Womens’s Voices’, on Tuesday 25that 3pm. 

All welcome to the exhibition daily 10am-5pm and workshops at TAAG Arts and Community Centre at 4/5 Northumberland Place, Teignmouth. TQ14 8DD

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