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In at the Deep End - Art by Laura Keating

My name is Laura Keating and I live on the glorious South West coast of Devon. I am looking forward to my upcoming exhibition at T.A.A.G Arts Community Centre. I have named my very first exhibition “In At The Deep End.”

The naming of my exhibition was an instinctive reaction to a surprise Birthday present from my son and daughter when they announced the Gallery space at T.A.A.G! ‘In At The Deep End’ indeed. 

Art and Photography have been my hobbies for years and has been a journey of techniques and styles which continue to evolve. Who knows what the destination is? 

So here it is ‘My Exhibition.’ I hope to meet lots of like minded people who are thinking of plunging into their ‘Deep End’ - why not come along and say “Hi” and we can sink or swim together.’

In at the Deep End poster A4-1.jpg