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Multimedia Art Show

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Catherine Kennedy

Artist Statement

The strong tides and rough seas of the Devon coastline inspire my work. These large waves have influence a series of oil paintings started 5 years ago that have amounted to 47 so far. The rivers around Dartmoor and long exposure photographic images of water have influence another series of paintings started recently. I am interested in looking at the way images are altered using this photographic technique and like the idea of taking it to another medium and exploring the results.

Following the initial painting and drying process I applying glazes of oil paint to further enrich the surface of my work. I may go back to a canvas on several occasions over a period of time until I am completely satisfied with the texture and depth of colour in the finished painting.

Born in Buckinghamshire, I move to Devon 14 years ago and am now based in Teignmouth, Devon. I visited the Torbay area on a regular basis as I child and the coastal imagery I encountered influenced my work. Painting from an early age it wasn’t until I reached my mid 30’s that I went to art school, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2008 at the University of Plymouth. I admire the free use of large brush strokes and textures Maggi Hambling shows in her wave paintings. I often return to the work of Kurt Jackson and Peter Doig for inspiration and a sense of place.

Emma Pritchard


Emma is an illustrator recently graduated from Plymouth College of Art. Her style is defined by her use of simple shapes and bold, limited colours within traditional screen printing and digital work. Emma is largely inspired by the natural world and her travels both around the world and within her local area. She enjoys taking imagery and reducing it into its basic form and exploring the play between positive and negative shapes.



Instagram: @emmaeloiseart

Marcus Nodwell

Artist Statement

My Northern Irish roots act as a foundation for investigating my identity as an artist. By exploring the narrative of my own identity, I use extension, large brush strokes and continuous line throughout my practice to convey a sense of my own personality in my work. I demonstrate freedom, open- mindedness and self-discovery through the medium of acrylic and continuous line while carefully depicting my own artistic journey. I draw inspiration specifically from Jean – Michel Basquiat, Willem de Kooning and Alberto Giacometti, in order to fully establish my own unique artistic vision. I have recently graduated from Plymouth College of Art, with a 2:1 in ‘Painting, Drawing & Printmaking’;. I am currently studying an MA in Painting at Plymouth College of Art.

Paddy Tuohy

Artist Statement

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to look at what I’m doing . I’m very humbled to have sold some of my paintings . I was born on the north side of Dublin in the mid 60’s, by the time I’d left for the UK in 1984 I was washed up and burnt out, through savage childhood trauma’s and my behaviour , unbreakable & stubborn “ouch” I left school and home at 12 !. you can imagine how that worked out !!! I only came to painting 3 or 4 years ago & taught meself , after a lifetime of depression & stress.

I was diagnosed with bpd in January 2016 ‘at 50’ I was so angry !!! So I started painting , again but, something new came out, the healing had begun :) I have now found an outlet, with painting I can let go and switch off all the negativity , highly recommend for stress relief . Inspired by my two beautiful Daughters :) I don’t feel very confident as I’m not good with detail but love to express some of what I’m feeling on a canvas. Again , thanks for the visit.

Paul Littlejohns

Artist Statement

Hi my name is Paul Littlejohns and I am a self taught artist from Exeter, I have always been good at art.

I had a accident in 2000, but still managed to work until 2015. I am 60 years old now and I paint 3 or 4 times a week and I mostly use oils.

My tel No is 07519918550.

Rory Kennedy

Artist Statement

I am an illustration graduate that likes to work in pen and ink with a focus on line work. I think the detail created by line work is very intriguing and I am inspired by Victorian prints that have an immense amount of detailed line work. My work revolves mainly around realism and narrative as I find it interesting how the two interplay. I do all my line work by hand with a selection of different pens that have a variety of thickness. All the colour work is done digitally; I find this is the best way to get a lot of contrast in line work, as digital lines don’t have that variety of mark.

Gail Trezise

Gail is a ceramic/mixed media artist inspired by the coast. 

Her harbours and boats are a playful representation of the surroundings she loves. 

Hand built using earthenware clay and finished with a variety of other materials, including locally sourced driftwood. 

Gail continually strives to make her unique pieces stand out and make people smile.

Danni Thurley

Becki Elia

Ross Kennedy

Claudia Lowrie