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Through abstract painting the artist aims to explore the interplay between the outer and inner landscape. Rather than a direct response to a particular place, the painting is a depiction of what is seen and what is felt with great emphasis of the phenomenology of being in the landscape.

The South West coast is the initial source of inspiration; the sensory experience, observational sketches and photographs acts as a catalyst for abstract experimentation, where the process of painting takes precedence in the work.

Abstraction allows for references to organic changes in scale, viewpoint, time and memory through the layering of mixed media, loose brush strokes and flat monochrome areas.

Charcoal and oil pastel are unearthed within the destruction and excavation of painting; to mirror the very nature of the landscape in it’s constant dynamic flux. 


I started wood carving when I was given some Japanese chisels about 25 years ago. One of my first projects was a green man, which literally took me years to complete. I am still a very slow worker and there are big gaps when I work on other projects in stone or with stained glass.

When doing a stone carving course at Dartington I was offered a wood turning lathe and although it is pretty basic and has no speed adjustments I have greatly enjoyed turning wooden artefacts. I have learnt roughly what to do by looking at You Tube videos but it is often a matter of trial and error.

An artist friend of mine told me that I must resist the temptation to make candlesticks and so far I have kept to this injunction.

I make bowls and boxes but try to think of ways to give them added interest with ammonites or coins inserted in the wood.

My materials come from friends and relations who offer branches and trunks of trees that have been cleared but ending up with wood that has not cracked or split is always a problem.

Much of what I make is given as birthday and Christmas presents but I am getting rather cluttered up at home with wooden bits and pieces around the home as well as stone carvings in the garden.

I am very pleased to be able to show some of my work at TAAG and it may spare some relations more wooden presents this Christmas.

I don’t think I would describe myself as an artist; I enjoy making things in wood and stone and glass. I have tried enamel work with a blow torch - not very successfully at present!

My latest acquisition is a wood burning pen so that I can include some patterning on my wooden creations.



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