Future of TAAG - update - Thursday October 25th 2018

Radio Devon conducted interviews at TAAG on Tuesday about our request for some certainty on the future an the fact that we are not included in the current negotiations re the potential impact of the Brunswick Street / Northumberland Place redevelopment.

The interview was broadcast early on Wednesday morning and was followed by a response by the leader of Teignbridge District Council, Jeremy Christophers.

The main content from us was that we feel that as Teignbridge District Council are meeting with potential developers and the NHS behind closed doors we are unable to contribute important facts about what we would like to see happen for the future.

TAAG have been running a successful Arts & Community Centre in the building for 8 years and have an annual footfall of over 40,000.

We are very concerned that because the building is always referred to as dilapidated and an old garage showroom people will believe that and not realise that the work we have done plus the work we would love too be able to carry out has been costed and looks viable.

The result would be a much improved building, fit for the future and with more facilities.

The reason that we have not done more to the fabric of the building is twofold. Firstly we have no certain future so we could be throwing money away on improvements only to be given notice to leave. Secondly without either the benefit of a lengthy unencumbered lease or the ability to purchase the freehold we are not able to apply for the sort of grants we woful.d need to carry out the work required.

In response Jeremy Christophers, Leader of Teignbridge Council said that they were looking at a new building and pointed out that TAAG did not pay rent for the existing building. We have offered several times to pay rent for what we have but this has not been taken up and when you think of the added value TAAG has given for the past eight years we feel we have given far more to the town than what would have paid in rent.

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