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Inspired Images

Artists taking part are

Keith Bowcock; Mike Wall; Rob Parrish; Jan White; Andy Tapper
Nicky Noble; Chris Pitman; Emma Stanley-Clarke; Avenda Burnell-Walsh

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Keith Bowcock

Keith Bowcock of the Teignmouth Art Society entered a competition in the magazine International Artist in the subject “ Seascapes ,Rivers and Lakes “ , open to all subscribers from every continent . His reward was to be notified that first he had been shortlisted for consideration and subsequently later advised that he had become a top ten prize winner !

His oil painting “ The Thrill Seekers “ depicts 2 mountaineers scaling towering cliffs above a surging Atlantic sea on the South West`s coastline .

Keith says  ... “ I was thrilled to be informed that I would be given a full page coverage in the February 2018 Magazine .I never dreamt that I would ever achieve something like this and I would strongly recommend some of our excellent local artists to have a go themselves – you just never know ! “

Jan White

A career in education preceded the opportunity to indulge in her passion for exploring the British Coast, recording detail of findings, forming the inspiration and vision for watercolour paintings. Travelling nationally, exploring and absorbing individual elements of the landscape, sketching to verify, using pencil, pen and ink, watercolour and photography for later use (provided by an enthusiastic husband’s expertise!) to deliver an everlasting memory of the many stunning and vibrant wildlife and surroundings.

Jan is self-taught and her Paintings and Limited Edition Giclee Prints are often recognised by the continued flow of her artwork on to the mount, which she creates by hand embellishment, ensuring a unique and totally individual piece of art.  

In 2016 Jan won Best Watercolour Painting at NAAG Art exhibition and last year was been awarded the June Urban Memorial Cup at the Torbay Guild of Artists 50th Exhibition for Best Watercolour Painting. She was also delighted that year to exhibit in the Biennale internationale des arts et de la culture in Perros Guirec, France.

A number of workshops in the West Country have contributed to her development and she continues to soak up knowledge and skills from other artists sharing the same passion

Living the dream!

Nicky Noble

Since graduating from Plymouth College of Art in 2017 with a BA (Hons) Contemporary Crafts degree specialising in ceramics, my work is still evolving and refining. Nature is my constant inspiration, especially the landscape, hedgerows, cliffs and beaches near to the River Teign where I regularly walk and explore.

I work mainly with layered, rolled and pinched porcelain and porcelain paper clay forms, enhanced with a variety of oxides which I am able to once fire. More recently I have been experimenting with coloured slips, underglazes and making and testing high fired glazes, as well as other clay bodies. I am constantly excited by and drawn to what many perceive to be nature’s imperfections and try to communicate my own vision of perfection and beauty in form, surface texture and decoration.

I am enjoying the experience of being a free practitioner, investigating new ideas, techniques and learning new skills, and aim to expand my practice to include other methods of hand-building, as well as thrown work. I am looking forward to seeing where this takes me.

To see more examples of what I have been doing, have a look at my Facebook page at or on Instagram at or for further information, email me on at


Emma Stanley-Clarke

 I started painting 10 years ago after a Career in Ballet which taught me self motivation & to strive for perfection.

It is important to me to provide visual detail & accuracy of the initial subject. ( not everyone’s cup of tea!)

This sense of order acts as a shield against the  unpredictability & lurking caos of the outside world.

 I won the SWAC People’s Choice Award 2017 With my painting of Haytor Quarry  

It’s a pity artists can’t let the work Speak for itself!!!

Rob Parrish

Rob Parrish is intrigued by colour and his head bursts with ideas...and seeking looseness and imagination to paint more abstractly. After years of using pastels he is coming round to acrylics to enablehime to achieve those objectives.

Clare Jenkinson

Avenda Burnell-Walsh

Avenda believes in a free form of expression. Her series of paintings called ‘The corsets are off… and they are not going back on’ is a reference to the suffragette cause.  Her portraits free the real sitters of Holbein, Vermeer and Klimt from the constraints of corsets and convention. Avenda imagines a conversation that might have been left hanging in the artistic air … and proposes a dialogue with painters who will surely follow.

Avenda says “I seek to give the sitters a modern voice. The corset is off, and it is not going back on. ‘One is bigger than the other, get over it.’ ‘That’s the last time I’m going to wax my upper lip, get over it.’ ‘This studio is freezing and I’m not even getting the minimum wage and no idea what I can make for supper.’ It’s 2018 and women will no longer be compelled to be beautiful for their audience; only for themselves, and on their own terms.”



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