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The Fusion Art exhibition at Teignmouth TAAG (from Sat 14th of July till 20th) marks the return of the five artists coming back with new ideas and two more names added to the list in to present a shared vision in various forms of individual expressions.

The common theme for all artists is exploration of the human condition, bringing to public the elements of being, the exploration of the unknown and attempting to translate what's not yet fully imaginable.

 This year's line up includes:

 Kerry Broom-head Brown, a British painter and a sculptor residing in Netherlands where she works in the Transformatie studio in Arnham and exhibits in her own gallery ''Forrest Edge Gallery'' in De Steeg. Kerry has travelled extensively with her artwork in Italy and the UK. Not limiting herself to any one style it can be likened to a stream of consciousness, where imagination is the only limit, with the flow of the creative force taking control, rather than trying to conform to a form is about pushing it and expressing what's close to the experience.

 Rosy Tydeman you may know as the lovely owner of The Glorious Art House where a lot of her handiwork is displayed. With the arsenal of big clocks, delicate smiling dolls, Rosy attempts to remind us of the small little treasures we are surrounded by if we only force ourselves to find time to stop and look.  

 Angie Joy Jenner is an illustrator with the body of work including charcoal, chalk pastel, acrylic, and monochord pieces portraying the process of being human, using the art to record experiences of events and the universality of those experiences to understand ourselves a bit bitter and through that have a positive impact on the world.

Jirka Ptacek, a Czech born painter, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, after holding exhibitions throughout the Czech Republic and Germany, Jirka has found a new source of inspiration in the raw beauty of South Devon, and working in various styles and themes using art to  reflect the world around us: from urban landscapes consumed by shadows to awe inspiring inhuman beauty of the sea, they are there to allow the viewer the escape from the stresses and turmoil of the day to day world.

 Chris Ress – a sculptor and painter with a playful and unstructured approach to his work, bringing out something out of the chaos and mess which he unashamedly enjoys making, often utilising whatever materials are available at the time, varying from metal to wood.

Marcus – a new addition to the group. Marcus trained as a graphic artist, photographer, fine artist and a Holistic therapist– all of which impact each of the pieces and are essential in their creation, and where inspiration can be found aside from the influence of otherworldly and spiritual side of our lives.

 Lastly they are joined by Andrew May, a poet and a writer. Andrew works in collaboration with Marcus to bring out written word in new, unusual, interactive forms which explore emotional themes, focus on the understanding of oneself or at least acceptance and taking on responsibility for ones existence. Maybe then, when we work through denial, accepting our capabilities, good and bad we can lift ourselves up, and if we are honest and strong enough we'll be a rock for others to lean on.

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