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  Born Bromley Kent  25.6.1919.  Educated Central School.  Bromley School of Art,  London School of Process Engraving, Borough polytechnic. Apprenticed colour  etcher, including all  methods of printing  illustrations .  Cut short by  war.  Signed R.A.F. Sept 1939. Most  of next six years and a bit,  spent in Marine Branch commanding various craft, (Fire float, 40ft seaplane tender, 60ft pinnance, on flying boat stations, west coast of Scotland, weather was the enemy not the Germans.  Later  experimental work at Marine Aircraft  Experimental Establishment. Testing, developing new equipment, anything to do with aerial warfare and sea. 

    Meet a very nice W.A.A.F. So nice that I married her. Lilian and I started  a new life together  in 1946, with nothing except our demob money.  Quickly found  there were no houses, flats  anywhere, if you were homeless you got in the queue or squatted, unless you had a rich uncle, or had six children and wife pregnant.

We had two sons Roy born 1949, Brian born 1951

Almost everything  needed for life was rationed, by law or price. We worked very hard, by 1951 we bought a little house in Feltham. Nothing   inside except a bed, cot and kitchen table that I had made. So I set too, making furniture. Have been making furniture ever since for  Lilian,  and family.  Sadly we lost Lilian in 1990,  followed by Brian  2011, after a life in sport.  Brian Paddled  in K 4 Montreal Olympic.                                          

   The engraving firm I was employed with, not keeping  up with new methods in illustration printing,  so  it was back to college, to  study photo/litho,  finally changing from letterpress to photo-litho, scanning,  doing three weeks work in a couple of days.  The old methods very interesting, going to national galleries, country houses. Make  watecolour Aide-memoire getting details of Old masters for reproduction.  No colour photography  then.  Lilian ,  I did a lot of touring,  France, surrounding countries.  Often sketching on  way. Member Devon Art Society. I have had a brush or chisel in my  hands most of my life. Retirement to Teignmouth 1985 ,  Lilian and I were accepted straight away. First  with Shaldon Theatre Co. I  Painted scenery for 18 years. Made a Life member.  Lilian made some costumes  before she passed away in  1990, a new life for  Me.  Joined Teignmouth Art Society 1987. latter R.A.F. Association.  The Twinners. 1992-3. From Twinners and Teignmouth Art Society was a founder member of Teignmouth International Art Forum.  Regular visits to France.  Taking first society exhibits to Perros-Guirec 1999, formation Teignmouth International Art Forum 2002. Did some early work on conversion of Swanson’s   garage to T.A.A.G. Which has now grown to a very successful gallery.  Exhibited Devon,  St. Ives, Harrogate, France. 

A great honour has been given me, to be a  Life Member, and President of Teignmouth Art Society.


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