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Force of Nature

 Three artists from Totnes are happy to present an arresting range of work at TAAG from July 20th– 26th.

 At first glance each has a different set of concerns; but each uses traditional skills to create very contemporary ,thought provoking images. All life is here; the human world, but also the animal kingdom.

 How do we coexist with each other has never been less than topical but with eco systems changing the beauty and preservation of the animal kingdom is increasingly in the hands of humanity.

Claire’s work in particular focuses upon wildlife of the globe reminding us all of the beauty there and the need for conservation in these times of shrinking habitats.

Adrian B and Libertad P  have shown their work together several times in the last ten years, but this is the first time that they are showing the best and most  recent works,  out of Totnes. 

Libertad will be showcasing "TOTNESITY" an audio-visual installation concerned with a recorded soundscape of peoples thoughts and feelings about the town, presented along with her distinctive portraits of those interviewed.

As multi-faceted as the population itself "TOTNESITY" is a literally colourful cross section through a community. Unbiased as only art can be, she has drawn upon people off the street, friends, shop owners, even the outgoing M.P. Ms Wollaston.

Along with this thought provoking piece are Libertad’s expansive, vigorous abstract paintings. Adrian’s drawings and oil paintings are suffused with history.  Symbols re-used, refined or re -imagined for today. 

 Teasing out new meanings from centuries old archetype’s. An unbroken continuum with the narrative concerns of the post-impressionists. harking back but very much of today. 

 Overall these three artists are here together celebrating their differences from each other and where they overlap. 

 A complimentary collection of the best work to date by these three very dedicated artists.       

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Claire Gordon-Bouvier

Adrian Baker


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