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In Nature's Colours

Artists taking part

Clare Jenkinson, Alan Gregory, Chris Pitman, Jayne Farleigh, Elaine Best,
Wendy Dominguez, Jill Derbyshire, Rose Jenkinson, Jenny Day, Ruth Burch

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 Chris Pitman SWAc Associate. 

Chris was born in Devon into a sea-faring family, his great-grandfather becoming a well known artist as well as skippering his own sailing trawlers. 

Chris grew up immersed in a working marine environment before undertaking a career in architectural and structural design. However, after ill health forced early retirement he took the opportunity to combine his draughting ability with his creative instincts. 

Working predominantly in oils he aspires to add an emotional and expressive element to capture the atmosphere of special moments in time, inspired by the coast, estuary and moorland of the Westcountry. 

Since returning to Teignmouth Chris has won awards for his art from Teignmouth Art Society, Torbay Guild of Artists, and been a finalist in the SAA Artist of the year 2017 & 2018. 

He has exhibited extensively, most notably at the South West Academy Open exhibitions 2015, 2016 and 2017 and the winners exhibitions of the SAA Artist of the year 2017 & 2018 at the N.E.C. Birmingham. 

He has recently had the honour to be admitted as an Associate of the South West Academy of Fine & Applied Art (SWAc). 

Chris can be found at:- 

Website – 

Facebook – Chris Pitman Art 

Instagram – Chris Pitman_art 

Elaine Best

Painting is the best and most intriguing of activities and I continue to love the journey 

I started in 2004 when I retired.

I have settled on oils as my preferred medium and mostly paint with pallet knives, fingers, rags and, occasionally, brushes.  My boundaries and bold style are continually evolving and I am currently moving more into abstraction.  

I exhibit locally, including Devon Open Studios and have had work hung in several of The South West Academy Open Exhibitions.  In addition to the UK I have sold work in South Africa, Cyprus and the United States.

Jenny Day

From an early age I have been captivated by the natural world, and drawing and painting have been a constant joy and companion in my life.

I am inspired and fascinated by the colour, shapes and rhythms of landscapes and flowers, which I interpret with an often intense and vivid palette. My application of paint can be quite free and generous if I am using a palette knife, but I also like to produce a softer more flowing sensation using a mixture of brush and rag to apply and work in thin sequential layers. 

I am also a printmaker and currently working on local scenes of Dartmoor and South Devon in linocut. I have twice travelled to printmaking workshops in Florence where I have worked in waterless lithography and etching. 

I am a member of Teignmouth Art Society, and Topsham and Kenton Art Groups. I have taken part in a number of TAS exhibitions, as well as exhibited with “Flying Colours” at the Spanish Barn in Torquay in 2014, with “Botanical Inspirations” at RAMM, Exeter in 2016, with “In Nature’s Colours” at TAAG,Teignmouth, in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, 2018, with Sarah Morris’s printmaking group at TAAG in 2016, 2017,2018, and 2019,with the Teignwich Village Artists at TAAG in 2017,2018 and 2019. 

Rose Jenkinson                                                                                          

 I am currently studying Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton and I have started to specialise in mono-printing. 

My deep interest in Fine Art Printmaking developed from my Foundation course at Totnes as I was able to really explore how vast the printmaking spectrum can be. The way in which printmakers envision their work involves thinking in layers and not dismissing anything that could be used to print with which is what heightened my interest. 

Currently in my work collage has been a crucial element as I am now unable to create textures, forms and shapes without then cutting them up and further re-arranging them into multiple compositions and structures. It is now a natural part of image making for me to create a series of images that explore a variety of marks, textures and lines which then are used in conjunction with one another through extensive layers. 

However recently my course has allowed me to explore the 3D world of art with using a range of materials to develop an interest in the manipulation of formal elements of art and design so they can produce abstract forms containing a variety of texture.

In this exhibition you are viewing 3 ideas running alongside each other; Variation, Fluidity in the Inanimate and Using Surface to Define Space. They all share similar qualities in texture, composition layouts and printing methods however they all support different outcomes and therefore need their own conclusion to suit each of the concepts behind them. Variation explores my deep interest in mono printing itself and how each print can show subtle yet intriguing new textures, shapes and patterns. It allows me to explore the viewer as a concept; they are somewhat overwhelmed by the mass of seemingly similar prints yet can be surprised and excited by the differences in their appearance when looking closer into the work. Fluidity in the Inanimate displays how an object of such stillness can also portray a fluency purely through light and shadow. It creates a playfulness in the object and therefore brings energy to the inanimate image/object. Using Surface to Define Space works with the idea of abstraction and how the space around a form is just as important as the work itself. Using the surface in which your work is placed upon to your advantage and making the space it is set in crucial to the work itself.

 If you would like to follow my progress please feel free to look at my blog Instagram Account: Rose_May_Print. Also follow fineartprintmaking_uob for the best of Fine Art Printing Students in Brighton. 

Clare Jenkinson

My paintings and drawings are inspired by nature - I love fine detail in plants and natural objects, and paint collections of shells, flowers, insects and fungi, using watercolour.   I trained and work as a carpet designer, drawing on my botanical work for inspiration.

Being a designer also influences my paintings as I look for patterns in colour and shape, sometimes grouping objects together for their colour, sometimes because they all come from the same walk along the beach.

Recent inspiration has come from the beautiful plants at Teignmouth Orangery, a hidden treasure in the town worth seeking out. 

Exhibitions include ‘Botanical Inspirations’ at RAMM, Exeter, SWAc Open at Exeter Castle, ‘The Power of Three’ at Artizan in Torquay , Open exhibitions at Harbour House in Kingsbridge, ‘Tor to Shore’ at Birdwood House,  Devon Open Studios at TAAG in Teignmouth, and I was very excited to have a painting accepted in the Society of Botanical Artists 2019 ‘Plantae’ exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.

Clare exhibits regularly in Teignmouth where she is now based, at the TAAG centre and with Teignmouth Art Society.  

Her work is also represented online on Torbay arthub, Art Gallery SW and her own website:

Jane Farleigh

I have always been a creative person, heavily influenced by my father who is a skilled model engineer. He would sit and draw with me and my siblings for hours. 

I was born in Watford and my family and I moved to Buckfast in Devon when I was ten. After A level art I went into retail for some years and used my artistic side in window dressing.

Over the last eleven years I have been developing my painting style in my own studio here in Devon.

Since moving to Exeter 19 years ago I have been in love with the Exe Estuary.  This is my place to go to and unwind from a busy life.  When I paint the estuary I feel peace. 

Another recent direction I have gone in with my work is to paint street scenes.  I love to people watch! For me these paintings are all about the effect of light and shadow and a sense that I am capturing a fleeting moment in history, a small interaction between people and places that will long outlive the moment I was there.

I regularly exhibit and sell my work at local art groups and I am a member of the Wildlife Art Society International based in Gloucester where I exhibit yearly.

I also run workshops and demonstrate my work here in Devon.

I sell my work through local galleries including the South Gate Gallery in Exeter, and online internationally.

This year I am proud to say that I have been selected  to show my work at the Doddiscombleigh Art show in October.  This show only runs every two years.  It is a prestigious show that has a high number of entries.


Email:      Tel: 07402 242889