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Sandancers north to south

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Steve Bowden

Proud to be born ‘Sandancer’ on Tyneside Steve moved to Devon in 1975 where he currently lives and works.

Steve’s images are loose and painterly ian execution and he constantly utilises new styles and techniques to keep his work fresh. A self taught artist, he has a background in graphic design which has given him a unique understanding of the relationship between colour and emotion.

Although aware of scale and perspective Steve prefers to produce a pleasing image and uses his locations purely for inspiration and a reference point. His work captures the essence and feeling of a. place and often disregards the natural order of things.

Steve uses a kayak in order to get views that would be otherwise impossible, this can be seen in ‘Above Sharpham’. This was taken from a viewpoint in the middle of the river Dart.

“Harbours and Seascapes feature heavily in my work but, like all artists I find inspiration in. many places. I’ve always lived by the coast, my hobbies include kayaking and bodyboarding.
Beaches and harbours have been a part of everyday life. I have a real fondness for Cornwall, Penwith in particular. I know it’s a cliche but the light really is something else.

In 2012 while visiting a gallery in Mousehole Steve met Judy Joel and was delighted to be invited to join ABNA, the Association of Natural British Artists.

In 2014 he began being represented by DeMonfort Fine Art and found his work hanging in beautiful galleries nationwide at the same time building a strong following of collectors both home and abroad.

2018 Finalit in Devon Life Landscape artist of the year.


Ken Irvin, painter 

Ken Irvin is an artist painting in oils, watercolour and pastel. His work is based on reality, but he is not a photographic realist, he is more concerned that the image produced is about the impression created by the sensations of light and atmosphere. 

 “My paintings are my representations of real places and people in a specific time and place. Much of the reality is filtered out or given an exaggerated importance. The subject is still there in my paintings and drawings but the image is my interpretation of what I see before me. It is an equivalent image. There is no pretension; it is what it is, an arrangement of marks on paper or canvas.”

 “As I paint I usually have a very clear idea of how the finished painting will look when it is finished this is certainly true when working directly from the figure or a landscape. However, with other paintings I will start with the germ of an idea, perhaps based on a sketch, a photograph and/or the memory of an event, and I will just let it happen as I respond to the paint and explore the idea. Often I will build layers of paint as the picture grows. This process can take some time; weeks, months or even years and so I will usually work on several pieces at the same time and allow them to cross pollinate each other.” 

 Ken’s subjects are many and varied but he takes great joy and finds rich inspiration in the landscapes and seascapes of the beautiful south west of England where he lives. In particular the coast of Devon and Cornwall provides an extensive source of material. He also enjoys the demanding discipline of drawing and painting portraits as well as the human figure and for Ken this is about capturing the individual and expressive character of the individual rather than creating a photographic representation. 

 Ken has work in private collections throughout the world and following the success of his recent solo exhibition he is currently planning his next exhibition. 


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