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Sue Williamson - European Travels Urban Architecture


Exhibition of Paintings

My painting has continued to be the results of discoveries on my European travels. My interest in and enjoyment of architecture , both contemporary and historical,  feed my imaginative responses to the places I spend time in.

 Much of my recent work is focused on urban spaces and places : London, Bristol, Exeter, Vienna, Berlin and  Bilbao, interspersed with Mediterranean trips to southern Spain, Italy, and across the border to Portugal.

 Working with reference to my drawings and photographs,  my practice is through deconstruction, juxtaposition  and overlaying of imagery  working on the canvas to search out the elements which convey the greatest sense of the place.

Shape, volume , space and light on an array surfaces, reflections and the ever -changing colours are my perpetual excitement and challenge; to grasp the sensations and memories  of my experiences are at the core of my intentions. 

2019 has taken me to Berlin and Bilbao . The Frank Ghery  Guggenheim  building has provided a wealth of inspiration as I confronted the titanium , stone and glass and steel structures . My current project , working with the extraordinary powerful geometric shapes of Berlin architecture is equally challenging . 

Sweden and Venice will be my next adventures of 2019.

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